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Here’s Proof that No Animals Are Happier than Dogs in Cars

Taking a dog for a drive is the ultimate win-win situation: they revel in the ride while you get to watch a goofy, happy face in motion.

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Lara Jo Regan

Chulo, Dapple Chiweenie

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Lara Jo Regan

Pickles, Pit-Staffordshire Mix

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Lara Jo Regan

Diego, Miniature Schnauzer

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Lara Jo Regan

Napoleon, Lulu, and Stitch, Pugs

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Lara Jo Regan

Reem and Rasheed, Salukis

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Lara Jo Regan


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Lara Jo Regan

Rocky, Wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier

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Lara Jo Regan

The Maria Chi-Chis, Chihuahuas

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Lara Jo Regan

Indy, Brody, and Jack, Australian Shepherds

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Lara Jo Regan

Ernie, Airedale Terrier

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Lara Jo Regan

Photographer Lara Jo Regan

Lara Jo Regan hung out of the windows of moving cars to take these photos, but don’t worry—no photographers (or dogs) were harmed in the process. Regan has received many honors, including having one of her images named the 2002 World Press Photo of the Year.

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Lara Jo Regan

Check out the book!

These images are all from the book Dogs in Cars, which contains 100 joy-filled photographs—and it’s worth noting that half of the dog models are rescues.

Originally Published in Reader's Digest