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40 Adorable Hedgehog Pictures That Will Make You Want One

Brace yourself because after you see these pictures of the most adorable and funny hedgehogs, you're going to want one!

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European Hedgehog playing at the flower garden, very pretty face and two front paws.
luamduan/Getty Imagesluamduan/Getty Images

The cutest hedgehogs of all time

Warning! Just one look, and you’ll be hooked! When it comes to the cutest animals in the world, the hedgehog deserves a place at the top. We ooh and aah over cute animal pictures, including those comical cute ferret pictures, but we’re obsessed with the pint-size hedgehog and its spikey hair. Wildly charming and insanely cute; we just want to scoop one up for ourselves. But there’s a caveat here we have to mention, hedgehogs are illegal to own in some states. And while they are devastatingly cute, they don’t make good pets for everyone. Each hedgehog has its own personality, but they are known for being solitary animals and might not be that into you. Plus, they’re nocturnal, leaving few daylight hours for bonding. The good news is: everyone can enjoy these adorable hedgehog pictures.

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Close-Up Of Hand Holding Hedgehog
Kitti Phngs' Kxng Phimph/Getty Images

Hi there!

Step right up, don’t be shy. My quills aren’t barbed like a porcupine, but they still can be sharp, so handle me with care. My quills are actually thick layers of spikes made of keratin, the same stuff your hair and fingernails are made of!

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Hedgehog isolate on white background
eve_eve01genesis/Getty Images


This is a hedgehog picture of me all “balled up.” It’s my natural defense mechanism when I feel threatened. It works out pretty well if a badger or owl, a couple of my natural predators are nearby. But I might “ball up” when a cat, dog, or a kid who is being more obnoxious than curious is near as you can see in this hedgehog picture.

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Hedgehog isolate on white background
eve_eve01genesis/Getty Images

Instead of sheep, count my quills

The next time you’re having trouble falling asleep, why not count my quills instead of sheep—in a hedgehog picture if not in real life? My quills are sooo extra. I’m not talking about the cuteness factor—although my quills are head-turning. No, it’s the sheer amount of quills. Us cute hedgehogs have between 5,000 to 7,000 quills. I bet you won’t make it to 100 before you’re in Snooze-ville.

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The European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus)
Oksana Schmidt/Getty Images

I spy…not much

I’ll never win at I spy, but I do have a keen sense of smell and hearing, which I use to find my food—at least in the wild. I really like to eat things like worms and insects, snails, and the occasional bird egg. As your pint-size roomie, I’ll be happy to chomp down on ready-made hedgehog food.

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Four-toed Hedgehog - Atelerix albiventris (3 weeks
Life On White/Getty Images

Can I have a lick of your ice cream?

Don’t get your knickers in a bunch. I don’t even like ice cream, but when I discover a new and exciting scent, I like to lick it and mix it with the saliva in my mouth until it gets foamy. Then I use my long tongue to spread it all over my spines! It’s a little thing animal experts call “anointing.” Have you ever seen a cuter hedgehog picture?

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Two hedgehogs on the grass.
Mint Images/Getty Images


What’s better than one hedgehog? Two of course—and we make for a cute hedgehog picture. But the reality is we like to hang solo, so if you put two of us in the same cage, there will probably be some quills flying. We’ll be content and cozy in our very own bachelor or bachelorette pad you create for us. Some animals like to pal around. Check out these adorable animal friendships.

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cute and fun hedgehog baby with breeding facility background
Carmelka/Getty Images

I’m too cool for toys

Unlike a cat or dog, I really don’t fancy fetching or playing with toys. Truth be told, I’m more concerned about my bedding than fancy toys I won’t play with. Because my feet are so delicate, I prefer shredded paper, or recycled pellets/absorbable material, or even aspen or pine wood shavings. See some of the cutest cat breeds as kittens.

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Small hedgehog upturned .
pandpstock001/Getty Images

Cheap reps

I’m not a gym rat, but I’m a very active critter by nature and need to exercise my small but ever-so-powerful legs. I love exercise wheels, but not the wire kind hamsters use. I need a hedgehog wheel designed for my sensitive feet. And since I’m nocturnal, you might want to get a wheel that’s on the quiet side.

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I’m named for what I do

They call me a hedgehog for nothin’. During the night, the hedgehogs that live in the wild comb and root their way through hedges and other undergrowth in search of my food. There’s a lot of insects, frogs, and snakes that live in those hiding places. Yep, I said snakes. Hedgehogs eat those too—you’re welcome.

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Close Up Of Animal On Grass
Astrid Corts Arocho/Getty Images

…And what sounds I make

So you know where the hedge in my name comes from. So what does the hog part spring from? I don’t roll in the mud, I can tell you that much. Nah, it’s more about the sounds I make. People say I sound like a hog, grunting as I plow my way through the hedges. Check out the silly side of your household pets in these funny dogs and cats!

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Close up of small porcupine in the hand on ground and in the cage
Sumeth yukaew/Getty Images

Dim the lights, already!

I know humans covet lots of natural light, but remember, I’m a party-all-night, sleep-all-day kind of critter. I need a place to hide during the day. Nothin’ fancy—a cardboard or plastic box, a plastic PCV tube, or even a plastic flower pot would be awesome.

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Young Hedgehog Swimming On The Yellow Bowl. Soft Focus. Animal Concept.
Aungsumol Chuachai/Getty Images

Surf’s up!

Guess what? I like the water as this hedgehog picture shows. But for heaven’s sake, don’t put me in the lake or the river! As your pet, a large washbowl is my idea of a spa. A little bath time or a leisurely soak could be a lot of fun. Just make sure you stick around to make sure I say safe.

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Hedgehog in Summertime, inside a clay drainage pipe with colourful flowering herbs
Coatesy/Getty Images

Can’t touch this

Not only do hedgehogs eat snakes, but some of my European cousins also have a natural immunity to snake venom, so for the most part, they can’t touch me. Another reason why hedgehogs are welcome in gardens in Europe. Who wants to see a snake slithering around when you’re about to enjoy tea and scones in the garden, am I right? It’s mind-boggling.

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Close-Up Of Cozy Hedgehog In Blanket
Mackenzie Welch/Getty Images

Keep things cozy

Let’s talk about comfy room temps, shall we? I hate to be one of those pretentious hedgehogs, but I thrive in temperatures above 68 degrees, but not higher than 85, please. Lower temps could send me into hibernation. I won’t have much of an appetite and could get dangerously weak. Scorching temps put me at risk for heatstroke.

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Image Source/Getty Images

My language is adorable

So, you know how I grunt like a hog when I’m milling about in the hedges? You might also hear me huffing and puffing too. I do move pretty swiftly, so it makes sense that hedgehogs get a little vocal when I’m exploring. Just chalk it up to another charming trait you can’t resist. If you think hedgehogs adorable, take a peek at these adorable animals you didn’t even know existed.

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Four-toed Hedgehog, Atelerix albiventris, 3 weeks old, in front of white background
GlobalP/Getty Images

I can be so extra

Everyone has their tell, right? Like a dog might growl and point his ears back, but how will you know when a hedgehog is ticked off? I tend to hiss and click. There’s a good reason for my contempt—boredom. I need that wheel for exercise and stuff to explore in my cage. Better yet, take me out of there and let me explore and run free (in a secure area, of course).

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Young african hedgehog in white in the cup on the grass
Bennian/Getty Images

I’ve fallen in a teacup and can’t get out!

I knew I shouldn’t have taken off my emergency alert! I know you wouldn’t leave me in a teacup forever. But I’ll be straight with you. I kind of have a rep for sticking my head into small places. It probably comes from my stellar knack for uncovering insects. Be sure to check on me from time to time. I might need your help—after you snap that cute hedgehog picture, of course! These 65 hilarious farm animals will make you laugh.

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Four-toed Hedgehog, Atelerix albiventris, 2 years old, in front of white background
GlobalP/Getty Images

Did I just drop a quill?

When I’m a wee little one I come with matching-size baby quills. As hedgehogs get a bit older, our baby quills loosen and drop, kind of like human baby teeth. Quill molting might make me a bit touchy and cranky, so be gentle with me during this stage. Feeling cranky? You won’t be for long when you see these cute puppy pictures.

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breeding facility for rodent hamster hedgehog mouse
Carmelka/Getty Images

Give me space

Guinea pig or rabbit cages are about the same size cage as I need. Those critters have wire bottoms though, and gosh, those hurt my feet something awful, so please put me in a cage with a wire-free bottom. Oh, and climbing is a skill hedgehogs excel at, so you might want to get a cage with a roof or one that’s high enough so I don’t escape.

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Hedgehog in the grass with strawberries on the background of a basket wicker,
Alena Shapran/Getty Images

I don’t mind treats now and then

Unlike cats and dogs who are so demanding, hedgehogs don’t need treats. Now, I know pet parents love to lavish treats on their pets, so you can occasionally give me some fresh veggies and fruit, or mixed treats—just no seeds or nuts, please! They get stuck in the roof of my mouth!

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cute mini hedgehog facing the camera
Dominikus yosia/Getty Images

I’ll just take tap water, please

Like hamsters and gerbils, I’ll probably sip from a water sipper hung in my cage, but until you know I can drink from it, place a small bowl of water in my cage too, please. I can drink from that until I pick up on the sipper. Or maybe I’ll use both! Plus, it’s kind of fun to splash and play in the water. Who else likes to play in the water? Oh, just the most adorable baby turtles you’ll ever see!

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The Hedgehog
Adrienne Bresnahan/Getty Images

Cut me off

When’s the last time your heard someone say, “look at that skinny and cute hedgehog?” Even so, just like any other critter in the animal kingdom, I need to keep my figure to stay healthy. If I can’t completely ball up, that’s a sign I’m too chunky for my own business. I’m not one of those types that will ever turn down food, so I’m counting on your to stick to the measured amount every day.

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eve_eve01genesis/Getty Images

I can’t see but that’s OK

As the explorers we naturally are, hedgehogs are particularly prone to eye injuries and things like corneal ulcers. Ouch, right? Yet, treating any injuries presents quite a challenge for vets because we ball up when we were at the vet’s office. Thankfully, we have super critter hearing and smelling skills so even if we lose our eyesight, we get along just fine.

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Close-Up Portrait Of Hedgehog Over White Background
Csanad Kiss/Getty Images

Don’t let me get too skinny

You know I’ve never met a mealworm I didn’t like, so if you notice me acting weak, pawing at my mouth, or a lack of interest in my food, get me to the vet pronto. Gingivitis, tartar, periodontal disease, and oral tumors are common for hedgehogs. Who wants to think of gingivitis and tartar when you look at adorable baby sloth pictures?

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Walking Four-toed Hedgehog, Atelerix albiventris, 2 years old
GlobalP/Getty Images

Stop shedding on me

This is going to sound kind of bizarre, but your shredded hair lying on the floor could cause a serious problem for me and my fellow hedgehogs. Vets say your hair can easily get wrapped around one or more of my feet. So, what the big deal? Just unravel it right,? You might not notice right away. Meanwhile, the hair acts like a boa constrictor cutting off the circulation to my feet. Take me to a vet so he or she can carefully untangle it.

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Like a ball
pandpstock001/Getty Images

Trips to vet, knock me out

So unlike dogs who can be lulled into a more relaxed state with treats, hedgehogs ball up when a vet tries to examine us. Don’t be surprised if the vet has to give me a shot of anesthesia. Trust me, it’s about the only way the vet will be able to diagnose and treat me.

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Small hedgehog upturned .
pandpstock001/Getty Images

My abs are better than yours

Adoring fans love my sweet furry belly but don’t mistake that softness for weakness. Each time I ball up, I use my belly muscles and my back muscles to curl up into a complete ball. Protect the fluff! You won’t believe the amazing animal superhero powers these animals possess, but they’re totally real.

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Smiling Hedgehog
Dean_Fikar/Getty Images

Let’s take it slow

I won’t always ball up when you come near, but it may take some time for me to get used to you. The more I’m socialized with my human, the less afraid I’ll be. In time, I might only ball up halfway, just enough to feel secure, yet open enough for you to see my cute face and snap a hedgehog picture.

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Anthony Coles/Getty Images

I’m tiny and cute

Most of us hedgehogs are only about 4 to 6 inches long, and even with all our quills, we’re light-weights. At just 8 to 21 ounces, we’re easy to pick up and cuddle. Well, cuddle might not be the best adjective, but you can wrap a towel around me and cradle me in your hands.

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cute and fun hedgehog baby with breeding facility background
Carmelka/Getty Images

Sonic is a legend

Unlike my ultra-cool carton cousin you see in sprinting in cartoon and video games, I prefer to take things in stride. Don’t get me wrong, I can run, but digging and exploring is my jam. I’ll use a nice little pile of shavings in my cage to build a nest. My wild kinfolk dig in the soil or use dead leaves and grass to build their nests. These funny baby photos will make you laugh out loud.

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European Hedgehog playing at the flower garden, very pretty face and two front paws.
luamduan/Getty Imagesluamduan/Getty Images

Brits love me

I hate to humblebrag, but the British peeps really love me. You know how gardening is such a big thing across the pond, right? Well, hedgehogs in the wild are treasured friends of gardeners. We get to live in posh gardens, and in return, we tuck into a nice meal of snails, slugs, and other garden pests.

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Cute young hedgehog in the knitted basket.
Oksana Schmidt/Getty Images

You’re not Dr. Quill popper

If you want to pop your own zits, fine, but stay away from poping my quills. If one of my quills looks off or you think it’s loose, let it be! A hedgehog’s quills should only be removed by a vet. If you attempt, it could be harmful to my health. Speaking of health, boost your mental health with these adorable baby animal pictures.

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Two hedgehogs on the grass.
Mint Images/Getty Images

Love ’em and leave ’em

Look, I’m not a playa, but a wild hedgehog hooks up for the purpose of procreation. This is how it goes down—once or twice a year, a couple of hedgehogs meet up and do the deed. After mating, males go back to the hedges, and females get busy making a nest. Then in about 30 to 40 days, babies are born!

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cute mother hedgehog with lovely young hoglet
Carmelka/Getty Images

Hoglet? Piglet? You decide

Hedgehog moms have anywhere between 1 and 11 babies. She takes really good care of us (most of the time) and teaches us how to hunt for food. During the four to seven weeks we are under her care, like the hedgehogs in this picture, we’re called hoglets or piglets. Seems like “hedglets” would have been a better choice. What’s your vote?

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small hedgehog (newborn)
jonnysek/Getty Images

Chubby caterpillar or hoglet?

You know how some newborns aren’t really that cute, but people manage to say nice things like, “Oh, she has her father’s eye,” or “Look at all that thick hair!” I get it. As a newborn hoglet hedgehogs look more like a caterpillar. And not the colorful fluffy kind. That’s okay. Give me a few weeks, and I’ll be irresistible and ready to star in all those hedgehog pictures!

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Davin G Photography/Getty Images

Hold me early and often

Seems all domesticated pets have a deeper connection with their human when there’s plenty of love, nurturing, and hands-on affection. Hedgehogs are no different. Yes, we’re loners by nature, but if you get us as hoglet or piglet and devote lots of time to handling us gently, we’re more likely to interact with you more.

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Young woman stroking a hedgehog. Cuddling and care
Carmelka/Getty Images

One way petting, please

Notice how my quills point towards my cute spiky backside? That’s the direction you should take when you pet me. When I’m feeling chill, they’ll naturally relax and point towards my backside. Petting me “backward” doesn’t feel good for either of us. Rest assured, my quills are pokey like a porcupine so it’s unlikely a quill will pierce your skin.

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Three Four Toed Hedgehogs, Atelerix Albiventris, 3 Weeks Old.
GlobalP/Getty Images

Do you like my mask?

We hedgehogs come in a wide variety of colors—white, brown, and black. Plus, there are all kinds of shades running through our quills. I don’t know how you’ll choose between a mischievously cute hedgehog with a dark brown or black mask across its eyes or a sweet little snow-white princess. White, tan, black, or masked we’re all stinkin’ adorable!

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A Woman Holding A Hedgehog In Her Hands.
Mint Images/Getty Images

I’ll stick around for 10 years

African pygmy hedgehogs in the wild have a life expectancy of only three years. Of course, their lives aren’t as easy as mine as a pet. With proper care, feeding, and health checkups at the vet, I could be your cherished spiky muffin for up to ten years! Looks what’ hopping down the bunny trail! These cute bunny pictures.

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African pygmy hedgehog lies in the hands of a person. High quality photo
Elena Iakovleva/Getty Images

Buy me from a breeder

After scrolling through all these hedgehog pictures, you’re probably wondering how you lived without one of the most cutest creatures of all time. I get it. Still, you should research hedgehog breeders before leaping in. I should come with a health guarantee that requires a checkup by a veterinarian within a few days after purchase.

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