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25 Hidden Container Store Gems Under $10

For less than the cost of take-out, you can scoop-up one (or more) of these 25 hidden helpers from the Container Store.

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Angry Mama microwave cleanervia

Microwave magic

Cleaning the microwave is a chore no more with this Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner. Instead of struggling to remove stuck on gunk use steam to soften the mess so it easily wipes off. Simply add vinegar and water to the microwave cleaner and heat for seven minutes.

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Herb combvia

Double duty greens stripper

Make fast work of your food prep by sliding the OXO Good Grips Kale & Herb Comb along greens, like parsley or kale, to separate the stem from the more eatable part. Then flip the comb to the bench scraper side to scoop up your ready-to-eat greens.

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Sponge holdervia

Suction sponge saver

No more wet dish sponges cluttering up your kitchen countertop: Use the suction cups to stick the InterDesign Sponge & Scrubber Holder to the side of the sink. Bonus: the sponge is exposed to air on all sides so it dries faster. Don’t stop at just one holder, consider adding a second for any additional scrubbers you use.

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Crack and Crevice cleanervia

Crack and crevice cleaner

Bring out your inner professional cleaner using this OXO Good Grips Kitchen Appliance Brush Set; it’s perfectly shaped to clean odd shaped and small spaces with its sturdy nylon bristles and a silicone scraper. You won’t have to try to figure out how to reach the bottom corner of your blender or behind the kitchen faucet, this tool does it all then snaps together for easy storage. Check out these 17 cleaning tricks for hard-to-clean objects.

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Bottle cleaning spongesvia

Weighted sponges

These Bean Bottle Cleaning Sponges go where your hand can’t reach to clean inside narrow neck bottles and vases. Simply drop one of the weighted sponges along with some warm soapy water into whatever you’re trying to clean and shake. The pressure from the weights is just as effective as if you were applying pressure to get the container clean.

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Scraper toolvia

Small scraper

Say goodbye to messing up your manicure trying to remove a stubborn sticker or price tag. This small ThumbScraper Scraper Tool easily lifts off the sticky mess saving your fingernails, lots of time, and frustration. You get a pack of two scrapers so consider storing one in the kitchen and one with your gift wrap, to remove tags before wrapping a present. You might also want one in the craft area and maybe the toolbox too.

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Telescoping flashlightvia

Bring on the light

Sometimes a basic flashlight can’t shine where you need it most. That’s when the Telescoping Flashlight comes in handy. The handle telescopes and bends so light can be directed exactly where you need it. The magnetized end lets you stick up the light, keeping your hands free for the task. Don’t miss these hidden gems on Amazon you’ll wish you owned this whole time.

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Phone strapvia

Sidestep cracked screens

Cracked screens and cramped hands are a thing of the past with this goStrap Phone Strap that easily holds your phone, tablet, or other small devices. Once secured in place, slip your fingers through the loop to hold it one-handed. No more costly screen repairs from dropped devices.

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Shoe boxvia

A shoo-in for closet organization

Not only will your shoes be visible and easily accessible in these clear drop-front boxes, but they’ll be protected too. No more missing mates, crushed heels, dusty boots, scuffed shoes, dirty or scratched flats. Keep pairs safe and matched in these stackable Women’s Drop-Front Shoe Boxes. Don’t miss these smart tricks for organizing your closet.

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Natural odor removersvia

Eliminate shoe stink

Stink happens; whether your shoes are damp from a rainstorm or sweaty from the gym. For a chemical-free freshener look no further than these rechargeable Green Remodeez Natural Odor Removers. Toss them in sneakers, gym bags, the laundry hamper, or anywhere else you need to absorb some moisture and neutralize odors.

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Blank Closet rod dividervia

Divide your clothes

Ever wished your clothes closet could look as streamlined as your favorite clothing store? If so, here’s the store’s little secret: these write-on Blank Closet Rod Dividers. Slip them over the rod in your closet to separate and identify types of clothing, like styles, sizes, or seasons. Now you can easily see, wear, and put back all your clothes. Be sure to avoid these 12 closet organizing mistakes.

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LED Carabiner lightvia

Light it up

Be seen or see what you need to with the Nite Ize Spotlit LED Carabiner Light. This lightweight, clip-on light is perfect for your keyring so you can easily see the door lock in the dar and works equally well on a dog’s collar for after dark walks as it does inside your handbag so you can find what you need in the dark bottom of the bag. Don’t miss these 10 tips for keeping your handbag organized.

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Lip Makeup spatulavia

The smallest spatula ever

Don’t let a dollop of product go to waste. Save money and your make-up with this tiny Every Drop Lip Makeup Spatula. The flexible handle allows you to reach in and get every ounce of product out of tall and small containers and tiny tubes too.

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Makeup brush cleaning matvia

Make brush cleaning a breeze

Clean your make up brushes like the professional make-up artists with this Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat. The soft silicone mat has specific spots to wash all sorts of brushes using warm, soapy water. Well maintained and clean brushes mean bristles stay intact longer, prolonging the life of your brush, while ensuring the brush is sanitary for use. Find out the organizing tricks you’ll wish you knew sooner.

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Cable wrapsvia

Wrap up your organizing

Tired of wasting time untangling cords, cables, and earbuds? That’s where Bobino Cable Wraps comes in; simply wind the cord around the rubber wrap to keep them mess-free. Great for travel but also excellent for everyday use, the wraps come in three sizes so there is one to fit every size cord.

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Cable clipsvia

Clip in your cords

Once unplugged do your cords drop to the floor? If you are frustrated by having to fish cords out from behind desks and dressers, then try the BlueLounge Mini CableDrop Adhesive Cable Clips. These little helpers can be secured to any flat surface to gently grasp the cord to hold it in place.

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Cable tagsvia

End cord confusion

Clearly labeled cords mean you’ll never accidentally unplug your computer when you meant to unplug the lamp. Bobino Cable Tags can be written on with a pen or marker and they simply slide onto the cord. The pack includes ten labels in five colors. Don’t miss these secrets from personal organizers.

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outlet extendervia

Push furniture flush

Maximize every inch of space in the room or your kitchen countertop by plugging into the outlet at a right angle using the Hug-A-Plug Outlet Extender. Plugging things into the outlet in tight spaces, like behind furniture or a counter-top appliance, allows the furniture or appliance to sit almost flush to the wall without crimping the cord.

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Internet password keepervia

Never forget another password

Using the same username and password for your online accounts is a big no-no, but with so many online accounts how are you supposed to remember them all? Never get locked out of your account again when you use the Internet Password Keeper. With plenty of pages for all your info, this slim book slides into your desk drawer so only you know it is there.

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Electronics cleaning brushvia

De-crumb the keyboard

Turning your computer keyboard upside down and banging on it to release dust and crumbs is not the best cleaning method. A better way? Try the retractable OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush. Shaped like a pen with two distinct sides, one is a brush for sweeping away dirt and the other is a flexible wedge to reach debris in tiny crevices.

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Magnet grip car vent phone mountvia

Hold the phone

Your phone won’t slip off the car seat or fall between the seat and console when you use the MagGrip Car Vent Phone Mount. Secure your phone to the air vent, so you can safely view your navigation as you drive. It works in landscape or portrait mode and both the plate and magnet are adjustable. Check out these 20 car accessories that will change the way you drive.

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Magnet glasses holdervia

Grab your eyeglasses

Put an end to the search for your eyeglasses, readers, or sunglasses by hanging them from your shirt using a magnetic holder. The ReadeREST Magnetic Glasses Holder uses super-strong magnets to stay in place even when you bend down. No more dropped glasses, scratched lenses, or endless searching for a pair of readers.

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Window cleaner and defoggervia

Keep your view clear

You don’t have to try to defog your car windshield with flimsy paper take-out napkins, the Travelon Windshield Cleaner and Defogger Pad will do the job in one swipe. Give yourself a clear view of the road in the daytime or at night with this glass and mirror cleaner; no cleaning solution required. Find out the Amazon products with a lifetime warranty.

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Wipe biodegradable towelsvia

Tiny towels

You can take these compressed Wysi Wipe Biodegradable Towels anywhere because they are tiny, that is until you add water. Once wet they expand into a reusable towel; softer than a paper towel, sturdier than a napkin, and unlike pre-moistened towelette they’re chemical-free. Leave a few in the car to clean-up bigger messes, like coffee spills on the seat. Then toss a few in your handbag to clean your hands after a BBQ dinner or for other unexpected needs.

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Pet hair removal spongevia

Wipe pet hair away

Instead of dragging out the clunky vacuum cleaner or using expensive sticky rollers to remove pet hair you can simply wipe it away using the Casabella Pet Hair Removal Sponge. Save time cleaning the upholstery by wiping couch and chairs with this reusable sponge. It works so well you’ll want one in the car for quick on-the-go clothing touch-ups. Don’t miss these 17 amazing products from the Container Store you need in your life ASAP.

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