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12 Hidden iPhone Features You Never Knew About

These hidden features will change the way you use your phone.

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Hidden features

Your phone can be used for much more than just making calls and sending texts. Learn about these hidden iPhone features to utilize your phone better and maybe impress your friends with all the new technology hacks you’ve acquired. Also, here are some cell phone accessories you’ll use every day.

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form to signvia iPhone

Sign something

It’s always a pain when someone emails you a document that you have to sign. You end up printing it out, signing it, and then scanning it back to yourself. Your iPhone has a hidden feature that will keep you from hitting the print button. Download the PDF attached to your email, click the pen icon in the top right corner, and sign away. Once you’re finished, click Done in the top left corner, and your phone will give you the option to reply to the email with the signed attachment or to create a new email. You can also share signed documents between your Apple devices if you learn how to use AirDrop—it can really come in handy in a pinch.

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led flash alerts on iphonevia iPhone

Get flash notifications

If you never seem to hear your phone when it goes off, you can activate the camera flash to blink every time you get a notification. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > and toggle on LED Flash for Alerts. If you’ve ever wondered if your iPhone can get a virus, here’s your answer.

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edit email attachments. iphone hack. iphone tip.via iPhone

Write on email attachments

If you need to point out something specific on a photo or PDF that was attached to an email, you can easily put a big red circle around it. You can add scribbles, text overlay, a magnification window, and digital signatures. Open up the attachment, click the pencil icon in the top right corner and have at it. Click the plus button in the bottom right corner to add text, a signature, or use the magnification tool.

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text replacementvia iPhone

Create text replacements

Autocorrect can sometimes get in the way, but your iPhone actually lets you take control of it. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement and tap the plus sign in the top right corner. Create code abbreviations for words you commonly use. If you’re doing these things with your iPhone, Apple experts disapprove.

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conversionsvia iPhone


If you need a quick conversion (for example, euros to U.S. dollars), all you have to do it swipe right on your phone and search it. A Spotlight search bar will appear at the top of your screen. Just type “20 Euros to USD” and the conversion will appear right at the top. You can also use this feature to do quick math. You’ll definitely want to see these easy ways to get rid of annoying iPhone notifications.

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assistive touchvia iPhone

Assistive touch

Some iPhone hacks can be a little awkward to do. For example, holding down the home button and lock button to take a screenshot. AssistiveTouch is an iPhone feature that lets you do that with just one tap. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch. Once you turn it on, a white circle will appear on your screen. Click Customize Top Level Menu to pick and choose which features you want to appear in your AssistiveTouch menu, like lock screen, mute, multitasking, or screenshot. This is what Apple insiders know about iPhones that you don’t.

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photo burst modevia iPhone

Burst mode

If you’re trying to capture some action shots on your phone but are worried you won’t click at the right time, just use burst mode. All you have to do is hold down the white circle button like you’re taking a photo for however long the action is happening for. Your phone will take a burst of photos that you can later sort through to pick the best ones.

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scan documentsvia iPhone

Scan a document

Your iPhone has the ability to scan and store documents. Instead of taking a blurry picture that you won’t be able to read when you reference it later, open up the notes app and create a new note. Then, click the plus sign at the bottom of the screen and select Scan Document. Point your phone at the document you want to scan and a yellow box will appear over it. Once you snap the picture a crop tool will appear over the image so you can adjust it to the dimensions you want. Check out these secret smartphone codes you should start using immediately.

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request desktop sitevia iPhone

Get the desktop version

Sometimes the mobile version of webpages is slightly different than the desktop version. If you’re used to the desktop version of certain sites, you can still access them from your iPhone. Just go to the page, hold down the refresh icon in the URL bar, and click Request Desktop Site. Keep learning and find out how to add widgets to your iPhone.

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magnifying glassvia iPhone

Use it as a magnifying glass

If your eyes can no longer read the super tiny font on a menu in a dimly lit restaurant your iPhone can save the day. Open Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > and click the plus sign next the Magnifier. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open the control center and click on the magnifying button. Your screen will be able to clearly zoom in on whatever it is you’re trying to look at. Click the lightning bolt to turn on your phone’s flashlight for more light.

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phone ownervia iPhone

Find a phone’s owner

If you ever find someone’s misplaced phone, just hold down the home button and ask Siri, “Whose phone is this?” She’ll tell you the owner’s name so that you can get in contact with them and return it. Check out these other hidden iPhone hacks you probably never knew.

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quick responsevia iPhone

Quick reply

If you’re busy watching a YouTube video and someone texts you, there’s a feature on your iPhone that lets you continue watching the video and reply to the text. When you see the notification pop up on the top of your screen just put your finger on it and swipe down. The video will continue playing and you can type your reply.

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