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7 DIY Holiday Decorations You Can Make in 10 Minutes or Less

Don't have time to spruce up the house for the holidays? These super quick DIY ideas will make your house look festive faster than you can say, "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

DIY-Holiday-Decorations-in-10-Minutes-or-Lesscourtesy Myquillyn Smith

Bring in nature

With their conical shape and layers, pinecones are naturally festive. Make them even more so by dipping the tips into leftover wall paint for instant color coordination, suggests Myquillyn Smith, who runs The Nester, a DIY blog. “Put them around the house or add them to wreaths.” Here are some other ideas for DIY Christmas decorations that anyone can handle

You’ll need: Pinecones

DIY-Holiday-Decorations-in-10-Minutes-or-LessCourtesy Voluspa

A cluster of candles

Candles are one of the fastest ways to add holiday spirit to your home. If you want to add an extra touch of Christmas, you can opt for a festive scent—it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or headache-inducing. Voluspa offers holiday favorites that could be used all year long, like the Classic Maison Candle, which features notes of finely rolled cinnamon. Buy your Christmas decorations on the cheap from these stores!

You’ll need: Classic Maison Candle—Cinnamon Ceylon and Copal

DIY-Holiday-Decorations-in-10-Minutes-or-LessCourtesy Alexa Erickson

Decorate your bar cart

Standard Christmas lights are a surefire way to make your home feel festive, but extension cords galore can be a bit overwhelming. “This time of year, it’s all about rich colors and twinkling lights,” explains Keith Winter of Home Wet Bar. “Metallic gold accessories on your bar cart will pick up on the surrounding lights in the room, creating a welcoming warm glow. Use a string of battery-powered LED Christmas lights to drape around the edges of your bar cart to add even more sparkle.” Touches of greenery complete the festive scene. Just be sure not to make any of these holiday decorating mistakes.

You’ll need: String lights, garland, cocktail shaker set

DIY-Holiday-Decorations-in-10-Minutes-or-LessCourtesy Melissa Wiges

Make a wreath

While the word “make” might throw you off, DIY wreaths are actually extremely simple, quick, and festive. “If you don’t want to get too elaborate, it literally only takes a few minutes to put together something that looks pretty fabulous,” says Melissa of the crafting blog Dancing Dog Cabin. It can be as simple as a grapevine wreath and herbs such as rosemary and bay leaves collected from your garden. Here are some DIY ornaments you can hang on your tree, too.

You’ll need: Grapevine wreath

DIY-Holiday-Decorations-in-10-Minutes-or-LessCourtesy Myquillyn Smith

Bring the outdoors in

Touches of greenery check off two boxes at once: a festive color and a festive scent. Add sprigs to the back of chairs tied with a ribbon or place in a silver or pewter tumbler cup, suggests Smith. It doesn’t get easier or quicker than that. Don’t miss these hidden holiday dangers to avoid when decorating.

You’ll need: Greenery spray branches

DIY-Holiday-Decorations-in-10-Minutes-or-LessCourtesy Myra Yarbrough

Create a dining room centerpiece

You don’t have to hit the craft store to come up with a festive centerpiece. Myra from the DIY blog My Blessed Life advises “shopping” your house and Christmas storage boxes to create a dining room centerpiece that takes mere minutes to put together. “You can’t really go wrong with shatterproof ornaments, blingy beads, and gold pine cones.” Here are some ideas for festive centerpieces you can put together in minutes.

You’ll need: Shatterproof ornaments, bead garland, gold pinecones

DIY-Holiday-Decorations-in-10-Minutes-or-LessCourtesy Bethany The Southern Couture

Turn pillows into “gifts”

Whether it’s a small pillow or a large one, all you have to do is tie a pretty bright red bow around them in different rooms of the house to quickly add a brilliant pop of holiday flair, shares Bethany of The Southern Couture. Next, find out the best ways to store all of your holiday decorations once the season is over.

You’ll need: Red ribbon

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