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15 Best Holiday Gifts for Board Game Lovers

Do you even game, bro? Here are the best holiday gifts for the board game lovers on your list!

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Wonder Forgevia

Wonder Forge


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Now you’re free to unleash your dark side, Disney-style. This original board game allows you to channel Disney villains and use their special powers to vanquish competitors. Take a turn as villains like Captain Hook, Maleficent, Jafar, and Ursula. You’ll get a chance to bring in heroes like Ariel and Peter Pan too! Immerse yourself in your favorite Disney stories and travel through realms as you strategize and scheme. Here’s the ultimate gift guide for a Disney lover.

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Munchkin Deluxevia

Munchkin Deluxe


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In the mood to kick open some doors and fight some monsters? This edition of the super-addicting fantasy card game includes a game board and standees to keep track of the mayhem and plundering. Fans love accumulating treasure and backstabbing opponents. You’ll need the help of your friends to win, but if you help them too much they’ll beat you. It’s a balancing act that gets more difficult as the game progresses. Everything’s all in good fun in this madcap game with zany humor that’s perfect for parties or family game nights.




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This award-winning board game lets you create your own island. Now it’s time to settle there. You’ll use the dice to work with brick, lumber, ore, grain, and wool to create resources and build new settlements. Beware of robbers and other sneaky plotters as you strive for victory. This is a favorite that’s easy to learn and fun for ages 10 and up. Read up on some fascinating trivia about your favorite board games.




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There’s never been a board game so aptly named. That is, if you like to aggravate your game night opponents with high doses of aggravation! This classic marble and dice game seems random, but it requires intense strategic forethought to avoid getting sent back home before you’re in the safe zone. Perfect for people who can keep their cool while wreaking havoc and winning.




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Pictionary is a popular game that’s like an artist’s version of charades. Don’t worry, art skills aren’t necessary—but they might help. Choose a clue (there are versions for kids and adults) and then sketch it out. Move your piece around the board to find out what category of word you’ll draw. It’s the perfect gift for game lovers of all ages. Don’t miss the ultimate gift guide for every zodiac sign.

Clue Game of Thrones versionvia

Clue: Game of Thrones


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Everyone loves the classic murder mystery whodunit game. This Game of Thrones edition is ideal for fans of the fantasy show who prefer Cersei’s bedchambers to the Lounge and Grand Maester Pycelle’s lab to the Billiard Room. You can choose a crossbow and other medieval-ish weapons instead of the usual lead pipe and candlestick. The major players like Miss Scarlet and Professor Plum get a redux as Daenerys, Littlefinger, and other schemers and players from the world of ice and fire.


Twister Ultimate


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You’re the actual game piece in this classic party game. The board is big enough to cover your entire floor—or you can move it outside! The ultimate edition has twice as many spots as the original. Players spin to find out where they’ll put their hands and feet. Contort your body, get closer to friends and family, and best of all, get ready to end up laughing. Check out these 26 gift ideas for fitness lovers.

7 Wondersvia

7 Wonders


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This ultra-popular game of strategy transports gamers to the ancient world, where they vie for dominion as they build cities and architecture meant to secure power and long-term military supremacy. Players have the chance to lead an ancient and wondrous metropolis as they use resources to craft the most superior city of all. If quick gifts are your thing, check out our list of the best gifts on Amazon Prime.

Trivial Pursuitvia

Trivial Pursuit Master Edition


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This game makes an ideal gift for info-holics, history buffs, show-offs, and know-it-alls. Champions need a well-rounded (or at least a pie-shaped) wealth of knowledge. The board features six different question categories: Geography, entertainment, history, art and literature, science and nature, and sports and leisure. Collect little wedges to fill the game piece and display your mental prowess.




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Are you really sorry when you send your sibling or any other willing opponent back to the start? Depending on your level of competitiveness, maybe not. That’s what makes this such a fun and classic game. You’re almost never home free, so the playing time fills with nail-biting suspense as you make your way around the board and beat out your opponents. Every time someone takes a hit, just say, “Sorry!”




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You just sunk my battleship! If you don’t want that to happen to you in this classic game of combat strategy, be mindful where you place your ships and submarines in the ocean of peg holes. Hunker down behind your command center and sink enemy ships before they get yours. This strategy game from 1967 still packs a punch. Stay calm and carry on. Feel like a hero with these gifts for the tough-to-shop-for men in your life.

Wit's Endvia

Wit’s End


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This is the perfect board game for people who love wordplay and riddles. Get ready for brainteasers and genius-level challenges. Players need to think outside the box and stretch their critical thinking muscles. There are four different categories to test skills: Sequences, odd one out, teasers, and wild cards. The questions span history, geography, science, pop culture, and more! It’s the ideal gift for the brainiac gamer on your list. These are the tech gifts you’ll want to keep for yourself.




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Keep it classic and old school with the ultimate board game for players of all levels. As a gift, you can choose chess boards in a variety of designs to fit the recipient’s style. Game lovers will adore a deluxe chess set that comes with options for checkers. Hours of fun for every mood await, and an extra set makes it perfect for game night tournaments or practice sessions. Check out some more classic board games everyone should own.




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If you know a smarty-pants, reads-the-dictionary-for-fun type, then you’ll score a hit by gifting them a new Scrabble board game. It’s a classic that endures because it’s challenging and endlessly entertaining. Load up your rack and go for a bingo—that’s a seven letter word that uses all the tiles on your rack and scores you an extra 50 points. Beware of hard-to-place letters like ‘V,’ which is only worth four measly points despite all the hassle it’ll cause you!

Go game setvia



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This game was invented in China over 2,500 years ago and people are still playing it! Two players use black and white “stones” to strategize how to take over territories on the board. The set-up is deceptively simple, but it requires abstract thought and intensive strategy. Perfect for competitive types! For more gift inspiration, check out this gift guide for world travelers.

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