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10 Grocery Sales You Didn’t Know to Look for Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

You'll want to take advantage of these seasonal markdowns.



The price hovers around $4 a box for most of the year but can drop to $1.99 during the cooler months, when baking supplies go on sale. Since butter freezes nicely, don’t be afraid to ask for a case.

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Sugar is another pantry staple that sees a cool-weather price cut. Look for $1 to $2 markdowns, with brown sugar and powdered sugar taking the largest dip. Beware that sale terms may limit you to one or two packages per purchase. Watch out for these common grocery mistakes that are wasting your money.



Nothing beats cheese and crackers for impromptu entertaining (or no-time-to-cook nights). Look for sales on snack crackers and saltines; prices usually bottom out at $1 a box. These Thanksgiving vacation ideas will help you unwind after hosting.


Frozen vegetables

Throughout the year, you’ll see sale prices as low as $1 a bag—but during the holidays, that number can sometimes drop to as low as 50 cents a bag. Learn more smart ways to save at the supermarket.



It usually sells for $2.50 to $6, but it’s been known to fall to $1.50 per pack around this time. It freezes like a champ, so buy in bulk. It’s a great item to have around for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During Christmastime, this is why we kiss under the mistletoe.



Look for deals on oil at both grocery stores and hardware stores, where it’s sold with the deep fryers for turkeys. A gallon will run about $20 instead of the usual $35. This Thanksgiving, appreciate the best Macy’s parade floats.

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Poultry and pork

We all know turkey goes on sale for Thanksgiving. But so do chicken and ham, so buy extra of all three and freeze for winter stews and quick meals. And prices are even better (as low as 40 cents a pound) the week after a holiday, as stores empty their freezers for new products. And make sure you don’t go shopping on the worst day of the year to buy your Thanksgiving groceries.


Storage supplies

Stock up on plastic bags and wrap, parchment paper, aluminum foil, and reusable containers for less than half the normal price. These are more secrets your grocer won’t tell you.

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Birthday cake mixes

Both everyday and seasonal flavors go on deep sales throughout the holidays. Think beyond the gingerbread to upcoming birthdays: This is the time to buy white, yellow, and chocolate mixes. And pick up cupcake liners too: They can drop 50 percent from $3 a pack.

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Canned goods

Chicken broth, soups, green beans, fruit, and pumpkin can be used in countless dishes throughout the next year. Look for deals of half off—or more—on anything used in holiday feasts. If you buy too many, they’re the perfect items to donate to food bank charities. Next, learn some more tips frugal shoppers use to save money on groceries.

Originally Published in Reader's Digest