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Ideas for a Gorgeous (But Low-Effort) Christmas Mantel

Your Christmas tree doesn't need to get all the attention—give your mantel some festive love too.

Courtesy the chronicles of home

Keep it simple

Instead of going all-out with your holiday theme, stick with a few well-placed pieces. Visit The Chronicles of Home to find out how to make a quick switch from fall to winter.

Courtesy the chronicles of home

Off the tree

Use ornaments in a new way by subbing out your typical holly garland for this funky one made from old bulbs. Find out how to make your own from The Chronicles of Home.

Courtesy uncommon designs

Make a statement

With this eye-catching marquee letter display, you don’t need to worry about the little details. Make an impact with your focal point, then keep it simple with traditional evergreen branches and stockings. Head over to Uncommon Designs for the instructions.

Courtesy uncommon designs

Chalk it up

Make a statement with a faux chalkboard decorated with your favorite Christmas phrase. Get the directions from Uncommon Designs.

Courtesy meatloaf and melodrama

Stick to it

The tools you need for a gorgeous mantel could be right in your own backyard. Turn tree branches into a funky Christmas tree art, or stick them in festive Mason jars for a fun accent. Find out more from Meatloaf and Melodrama.

Courtesy cottage in the oaks

Make it rustic

Rustic touches like old-time snowshoes, vintage signs, and grain sack stockings give your mantel a timeless feel that you’ll be proud to display year after year. Head over to Cottage in the Oaks to learn more.

Courtesy Remodelando la casa

Red, white, and Yule

Stick with a two-tone color scheme for an eye-catching display. Red and white feels (pepperminty) fresh by straying from the tired green and red combination. Find out more from Remodelando la Casa.

Courtesy Remodelando la casa

Heard on high

An angel motif fits the holiday but sticks out from the typical evergreens and Santas you’ll find. Learn more about this angelic display from Remodelando la Casa.

Courtesy Remodelando la casa

Feeling frosty

A blue Christmas isn’t as bad as it sounds. Set up snowmen with a baby blue and white color scheme for a mantel that’s cool as ice. Visit Remodelando la Casa for more information. Check out this fascinating history of the snowman.

The Turquoise Home

Vintage winter

Earthy browns and greens from branches and burlap give your mantel a timeless feel. Find out more about this display at The Turquoise Home.

Courtesy Finding Home Farms

Simple impact

Bigger isn’t always better. Elevate a fairly small wreath by putting it in front of an interesting backdrop, like a simple chalkboard. Head over to Finding Home Farms to learn more.

Courtesy Finding Home Farms

Final countdown

Display an Advent calendar on your mantel to give it a prominent spot while you count down the days until Christmas. Learn more about this one from Finding Home Farms.

Courtesy Domestically Speaking

Double duty

Using an Advent calendar for a garland gives you double duty as a festive decoration and fun tradition as you keep track of how many days are left. Plus, using a wreath as an O adds visual interest to a statement piece. Visit Domestically Speaking to learn more.

Courtesy the yellow cape cod

A touch of whimsy

Bold patterns, personalized silhouettes, and oversized antlers give a mantel a whimsical feel. Learn more from The Yellow Cape Cod. Here are some more easy DIY Christmas decorations you can use to deck your halls.

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