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9 Festive and Delicious Holiday Mocktails That Contain Zero Alcohol

Holiday cocktails can be just as delicious as holiday mocktails, tasty non-alcoholic drinks with festive flavors. We got the skinny on the best mocktail recipes to make your holiday season healthier and appropriate for all ages and stages.

Courtesy Stowe Mountain Lodge

The Candy Cane

This festive, holiday-swirled concoction is one of our favorite Christmas mocktail recipes thanks to fresh cranberries and red and white swirls. It’ll pair perfectly with these Christmas appetizers that everyone will love.

“All the flavors of the holidays can be incorporated into any non-alcoholic drink,” shares Scott Cochran of Stowe Mountain Lodge. “All of the seasonal flavors of spiced pear, cranberry, and tarragon in the Candy Cane bring about feelings of winter.”


2 cups ice

2 cups strawberries

1 cup cranberries

¼ cup simple syrup

(Blend separately)

1 cup spiced pear juice

½ cup lemon juice


Blend the ingredients, alternating red and white swirls for a candy cane-like appearance.

courtesy Diana Stobo

Holiday Cheer Egg Nog

This holiday-themed egg nog recipe is one of those non-alcoholic cocktail recipes you’re going to want to bookmark and save for every holiday season to come. Diana Stobo, the award-winning chef and author of Naked Bliss: Naughty and Nutritious Dairy-Free Milkshakes That Make You Feel So Good, came up with the less-decadent version of the old classic. Plus, all the nut milk in the recipe could help you speed up your metabolism.


1 cup Brazil nut milk

4 cups purified water

¼ cup agave

¼ cup Medjool dates, pitted and packed

¼ cup yacon syrup

½ tsp. vanilla powder

1 tsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. cloves

2 tsp. nutmeg

3 Tbsp. coconut oil (melted)

Pinch of salt


Blend all ingredients except coconut oil in high-speed blender until a frothy milk forms. Add coconut oil and incorporate. Pour mixture into a nut milk bag over a large pitcher. With one hand, gently squeeze all the liquid out of the bag. Transfer the resulting nut milk into a glass jar or pitcher and refrigerate.

It will slightly thicken as the coconut oil gets cold and will be an instant creamy, healthy treat. Holiday Cheer Egg Nog will last for about five days in the refrigerator.

Courtesy Be Mixed

Apple Cider Ginger Shrub

Apple Cider Ginger Shrub mocktails are fun for holiday party guests of all ages and have a seriously sophisticated twist on the sweet and sour flavor combination that’s popular just about everywhere. This recipe was created by the folks at Be Mixed, a line of zero-calorie cocktail mixers that are all non-alcoholic drinks on their own. The mixture also calls for apple cider vinegar, one of the healthiest ingredients in any recipe. Check out these 11 ways apple cider vinegar can spur weight loss.


4 oz. Be Mixed ginger lime mixer

3 pink lady apples chopped finely

5 slices fresh ginger

½ oz. apple cider vinegar

Soda water


Combine, mix gently, and garnish with apple or fresh ginger slices.

Courtesy kosherinthekitch.com

Doughnut-themed Raspberry Mimosa

If you’re trying to stay healthy and stave off your jelly doughnut cravings—after all, it is one of the worst breakfast foods you can eat—this raspberry mimosa mocktail recipe will hit all the right notes. It’s one of the creative recipes food blogger Nina Safar came up with to accompany her traditional holiday sufganya (jelly-filled doughnuts) recipe, a staple of the Hanukkah tradition.


Raspberry sorbet

Orange juice

Club soda


Using a small cookie scooper, place one or two scoops of raspberry sorbet in a champagne glass. Add a tablespoon of orange juice; then top off with club soda. Optional: Swap club soda for moscato or champagne to make this an alcoholic cocktail.

Courtesy kosherinthekitch.com

Hot Cocoa Chocolate Coin Shots

These chocolate-flavored mocktails will make the guests in your house feel festive for eight straight nights, thanks to the easy-to-duplicate recipe and mouth-watering chocolate flavor. Nina Safar suggests pairing them with healthy treats that go well with chocolate and Nutella-style flavors, like fresh strawberries or banana slices. Better yet, replace the chocolate coin with one of these nutritious chocolates with next-level health benefits.



Chocolate sprinkles

Prepared hot cocoa

Chocolate coins


Spread the Nutella around the rim of mini glass shots or a small tumbler. Dip into chocolate sprinkles. Pour hot cocoa in cup and serve with chocolate coin. If you are feeling extra festive, dust top of drinks with cocoa powder.

Optional: Add a splash of chocolate liqueur if you want an extra festive buzz.

Courtesy Tbar Steak Lounge

T-Bar Chopin Cosmo

The T-Bar Chopin Cosmo mocktail is an even more festive take on the classic cosmopolitan thanks to seasonal blood oranges and cranberry brittle. The drink is a popular non-alcoholic standby at New York’s TBar Restaurant and Lounge.


2 oz. cranberry juice

1 oz. blood orange juice

½ oz. lime juice

Preparation for cranberry brittle:

½ cup sugar

¼ cup water

½ cup chopped dry cranberries

Cook the sugar and water until it becomes light caramel. Remove from the heat and stir in the cranberries. Spread the mixture on a flat pan in a thin layer. Let cool and break into small chunks.


Combine liquid ingredients; serve on the rocks and garnish with cranberry brittle.

Courtesy Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach

The “In A Pear Tree” Sipper

This fruity, holiday-appropriate mocktail comes from Atlas Cocktail Lounge at the recently opened at Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach.


2 ½ oz. prickly pear puree or juice

8 oz. club soda

½ oz. simple syrup


1 mint leaf

1 lemon wheel


Combine prickly pear juice with club soda and simple syrup in a glass; stir. Garnish with lemon and mint.

Courtesy Jelena Pasic/Harlem Shake

Try the Harlem Shake

Nope, we’re not talking about the popular dance move. We’re talking about one of the most delicious mocktail recipes on the planet. It’s a gingerbread cookie-themed shake that is more typically paired with rum, but is mouth-watering on its own, too. It’s the best drink we can think of sipping while making gingerbread cookies.


10.5 oz. vanilla ice cream

3 Tbsp. gingerbread syrup

3 oz. whole milk

1 Tbsp. graham cookie crumbles

Whipped cream

1 ginger snap cookie


Blend ice cream, gingerbread syrup, milk, and ice cream until smooth. Mix in graham cracker crumbs and pulse once to combine.

Turn the mixture over into a serving cup, top with whipped cream, and decorate with a pinch of graham cookie crumbs and one ginger snap cookie. Serve with a thick straw.

Courtesy Tatiana Boncompagni

Pucker up under the mistletoe

This alcohol-free drink was created by Tatiana Boncompagni, an author and recipe developer, and is the perfect excuse to pucker up under the mistletoe, thanks to its tart, sweet flavor profile.


1 cup grapefruit juice

1–2 Tbsp. ginger-infused simple syrup

⅛ cup lime juice


Combine liquid ingredients. Garnish with frozen cranberries and a spring of rosemary.

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