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15 Brilliantly Silly Holiday Jokes You Can Tell at Any Party

Number 8 will sleigh you.

brilliantly-stupid-holiday-jokes-you-can-tell-at-any-partyNicole Fornabaio/, iStock

Santa and the soccer announcer


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The best possible present

A: A broken drum—you just can’t beat it! Laughing already? Here are 13 more funny jokes for the holidays.

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Walmart’s batteries

They’re free of charge!

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The stolen advent calendar

A: He got 25 days.

brilliantly-stupid-holiday-jokes-you-can-tell-at-any-party5Nicole Fornabaio/, iStock

The scarecrow’s Christmas bonus

A: Because he was outstanding in his field.

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Penguins’ Hanukkah

A: The Icebergs.

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The bald man’s comb

A: “I’ll never part with it!” Here are 25 more Christmas jokes.

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Santa Claus and the chimney

A: Because it soots him. Funny Christmas puns are the perfect way to get the whole office laughing.

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Bragging chess masters

A: Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer. Find out 16 ways to handle awkward holiday moments.

brilliantly-stupid-holiday-jokes-you-can-tell-at-any-party10Nicole Fornabaio/, iStock

The nudist t-shirt

I haven’t worn it yet.

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Elf therapy

A: Because he had low elf esteem :(  Check out 32 things you didn’t know about the holiday season.

brilliantly-stupid-holiday-jokes-you-can-tell-at-any-party12Nicole Fornabaio/, iStock

A North Pole divorce

So, they got a semicolon instead; They’re great for separating independent Clauses.

brilliantly-stupid-holiday-jokes-you-can-tell-at-any-party13Nicole Fornabaio/, iStock

A sign from above

“Honk if you love Jesus. Keep on texting while you drive if you want to meet him.” Got some out-of-town relatives visiting? Here are the 50 funniest jokes about every state.

brilliantly-stupid-holiday-jokes-you-can-tell-at-any-party14Nicole Fornabaio/, iStock

What a snowman smells

A: “Is it just me, or do you smell carrots?”

brilliantly-stupid-holiday-jokes-you-can-tell-at-any-partyNicole Fornabaio/, iStock

Dyslexic devil worshipper

He sold his soul to Santa. Next, enjoy these 75 short jokes anyone can remember.

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