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11 Home Inspection Red Flags You Can Actually Overlook (for Now)

When you're buying a home, chances are it won't be perfect. Here are some issues that you might find that you actually don't need to deal with right away.

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Home buyers, breathe easy

When buying a home, the home inspection can be one of the most stress-inducing parts of the process. Will the inspection reveal major foundation flaws? What about a termite infestation? While some home inspection red flags should be dealt with before finalizing the sale and some minor fixes will be the responsibility of the seller, here are 11 common issues you can overlook for now. Hopefully they help answer some of the questions new homeowners must ask before buying a home.

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Failed window seals

There’s a good chance at least one window in a home has a failed seal. While a failed seal will result in fogged glass and condensation, this is a problem that you can fix down the road. Check out these secrets home inspectors won’t tell you.

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Basement floor cracks

If the basement is unfinished, don’t let a few cracks in the basement floor deter you from buying the house. Cracks in concrete floors are natural and not considered a structural problem. Watch out for these things you should never store in your basement.

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Faulty light switches

If your inspector flips a light switch to find it doesn’t work, this is a minor electrical issue that you can fix later on. While major electrical problems are cause for concern, one faulty light switch is usually not a big deal. On the other hand, here are some hidden home dangers you should never ignore.

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External building flaws

If you live in a competitive buyers’ market, think twice before making a big deal about outdoor shed or garage issues. If the roof on the garage is about to cave in, that’s one thing, but making a big deal about an old shed door is another. Don’t miss these home inspector nightmares you have to see to believe.

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External building flaws

If a home inspection turns up evidence of minor water damage, this shouldn’t be considered a major red flag. Major water damage is something sellers should list on their disclosure forms and if water damage is an ongoing issue, then you can bring it up during negotiation. Make sure you know these things all smart homeowners do before leaving for vacation.

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Inadequate insulation

Inadequate insulation isn’t always a red flag. While having proper insulation will help keep heat in during the winter and cool air in during the summer, insulation is an issue you can remedy later. Watch out for these common mistakes to avoid when buying your first home.

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Minor wall cracks

When you get your home inspection report and see issues such as cracks on a wall, these are usually considered minor problems. While they should be repaired, these issues are rarely a safety hazard requiring immediate attention. These super scary home inspection photos will give you nightmares.

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Leaking faucets

While major leaks should be addressed before finalizing a home sale, a leaking faucet or a minor crack in a laundry tub isn’t a red flag. These are usually easy DIY fixes you can make later. Find out some more home improvement projects you can definitely do yourself.

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Some roof issues

Roof problems can make or break a sale. While some roof issues should be remedied immediately, there are some minor roof issues that can be overlooked for now. Clogged gutters and a loose shingle or two are jobs you can tackle after the sale. If you’re buying a home, find out the biggest regrets of first-time home buyers.

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Miscellaneous plumbing problems

Many plumbing issues, such as a noisy toilet or slow draining tub, can be remedied after the home purchase. However, if a home inspection turns up major plumbing issues and system replacement is needed, that is a red flag. Find out some more secrets your plumber won’t tell you.

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An old water heater

Home inspectors report seeing a lot of old water heaters while inspecting homes. This shouldn’t be a red flag as water heaters are relatively inexpensive compared to other major household mechanicals and can often be replaced in just a couple hours. Don’t lose a house you love over an old water heater. Next, check out the craziest things ever found during home inspections.

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