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These 9 Vintage Photos of Horseback Riding Kids Are Even Cuter Than the Ponies Themselves

Fillies, colts, broncos, and traveling ponies.

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01-These-9-Kids-Horseback-Riding-Are-Even-Cuter-Than-Their-Ponies-DebbieClaytonCourtesy Debbie Clayton/Reminisce Extra

Pony for pics

Debbie Clayton of Hughesville, MD, has always enjoyed gazing at this shot of her mother, Skip Mauzy, who was 8 at the time. “A man with his pony would walk around town asking kids if they wanted a ride,” Debbie writes. “He would put a bandanna, a hat and chaps on them and take their picture. You could buy the picture for a small price, but in those days, money was tight.” Read how these horse saddles are changing the lives of disabled people.

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02-These-9-Kids-Horseback-Riding-Are-Even-Cuter-Than-Their-Ponies-PaulineWhartonCourtesy Pauline Wharton/Reminisce Extra

Bucking bronco

Pauline Vater Wharton of New Market, AL, rides a stuffed bucking bronco in Basin, WY, during a cross-country trip in 1946. Her sister Jacqueline waits on the fence for her turn. Want some laughs? Check out these hilarious horse jokes.

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03-These-9-Kids-Horseback-Riding-Are-Even-Cuter-Than-Their-Ponies-DavidDavisCourtesy David Davis/Reminisce Extra

Stormy by nature

“We called her Stormy because she was born on a bad night, though the name soon matched her disposition. But when I was astride her, she was magnificent. This was taken in ’68 between my freshman and sophomore years at the University of Arkansas. My heart is overflowing with wonderful memories of our time together.” – David Davis

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04-These-9-Kids-Horseback-Riding-Are-Even-Cuter-Than-Their-Ponies-CarolynRothBarnumCourtesy Carolyn Roth Barnum/Reminisce Extra

Just like red

“My sister DeEsta was 10 and I was 8 in 1940 when a man selling rides on his pony came through our neighborhood in Freeport, Illinois. Our mother yielded to our pleas of ‘Please, Mom!’ When I saw the picture, I just knew my hero, Red Ryder, would be proud of me.” – Carolyn Roth Barnum

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05-These-9-Kids-Horseback-Riding-Are-Even-Cuter-Than-Their-Ponies-SteveHinkleCourtesy Steve Hinkle/Reminisce Extra

Studio shot

“Here I am at age 8 in the ghost‑town studio at Knott’s Berry Farm in California in 1955.” – Steve Hinkle

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06-These-9-Kids-Horseback-Riding-Are-Even-Cuter-Than-Their-Ponies-AltonZiegenfussCourtesy Alton Ziegenfuss/Reminisce Extra

Bob the pony

“In the winter of 1942, we cared for this fair-circuit pony named Bob. He ran away once while I was riding him, but I was able to get off when he stopped to chew some grass.” – Alton Ziegenfuss

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07-These-9-Kids-Horseback-Riding-Are-Even-Cuter-Than-Their-Ponies-JudyPearceCourtesy Judy Pearce/Reminisce Extra

Stardust Memories

“My friends and I rarely wanted to be off our horses. Once, a local riding instructor set up an Easter egg hunt with treats hidden where we could reach them from our saddles. Here I am with Stardust in 1953, when I was 12.” – Judy Pearce

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08-These-9-Kids-Horseback-Riding-Are-Even-Cuter-Than-Their-Ponies-JimMcKnightCourtesy Jim McKnight/Reminisce Extra

Winter boarding

Jim McKnight of East Longmeadow, MA, stands with his sister Jackie as his brother Dixon rides a pony at the family farm. Local ponies were boarded with the McKnights in the winters, to the delight of the children. “I truly had a wonderful time growing up,” Jim writes.

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09-These-9-Kids-Horseback-Riding-Are-Even-Cuter-Than-Their-Ponies-SusannedeLiraCourtesy Susanne deLira/Reminisce Extra

Sweet Ride

“In the summer of ’71, my parents leased a huge 15-year-old thoroughbred named Tiny. He came with only a bridle—no saddle—so my sister Melanie and I learned to ride him bareback. Tiny was incredibly patient with us. Out on the trail one day, we both fell off. I got Melanie back on, but I had to ask an off-road motorcyclist for a leg up. It’s one of my treasured memories of that time.” – Susanne De Lira

Originally Published in Reminisce Extra