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The Ultimate Super Bowl Party: 13 Tips Even Seasoned Hosts Need

Updated: Apr. 09, 2024

With the big game just around the corner, you're probably planning the party-of-all-parties. Here's how to get your TV room ready for Super Bowl.


Clean your TV and speakers

The day before the party, do some strategic dusting. “Everyone’s eyes are going to be glued to the screen, so the last thing you want is any dust or smudges blocking your view,” says Becca Napelbaum, cleaning expert at Handy. For plasma screens, gently wipe down your TV screen with a microfiber cloth. If the screen is glass, lightly mist it with window cleaner and buff the glass until it’s clear, Napelbaum advises. You’ll also want to make sure people can hear as well as see. Napelbaum suggests gently vacuuming your speakers with the handheld element of your vacuum, preferably with a soft brush attachment, to remove any buildup that could block the sound.


Rearrange the furniture

Since the focal point of the big day will be the TV, point all seating in the room toward it. “When you move furniture, you may discover indentations in the carpet where the chairs have previously been. To remove them, take some ice cubes and place them where the carpet is compressed. Leave to melt overnight and the water will plump up the flattened areas,” says Napelbaum. If you have a vacuum with a handheld wand, you can also hold the wand on the flattened spot to bring the carpet pile up.


Declutter and protect breakables

Clutter can be difficult to spot in your own home because you don’t notice it after a while, but look at the room from a guest’s perspective. Taking all items out of harm’s way not only clears up the space, but will ensure that a family heirloom isn’t smashed, putting a damper on the party, says Napelbaum. Planning on using your oven to heat food for the big game? Here’s what you need to know before you self-clean your oven.


Cover carpets

The easiest way to protect your carpets is to use plastic coverings or runners to cover your floors, but this can send a “no fun allowed” vibe. Instead, consider placing some washable throw rugs in the areas where people will be socializing. The rugs will take the brunt of messes and can be thrown in the wash at the end of the night. If something still manages to get on your carpet, try these homemade carpet stain removers.


Do some team-themed decorating

Most party stores have loads of fun supplies for Super Bowl parties. Choose a few football-themed decorations and get the kids involved by using green construction paper and white chalk to draw yard lines. These can be used as placemats or to decorate the food table on game day.


Have cleaning supplies at the ready

Expect spills and messes to happen, especially with kids in the mix. “Prepare all the cleaning tools that you might need like salt for wine spills, paper towels, a dustpan and brush, and keep them within easy reach” says Napelbaum. “It’s also a good idea to line your kitchen trash can with two to three extra garbage bags, so you always have one ready, as they fill up very quickly.


Use plastic, disposable tablecloths

This will save you time and effort on clean-up and protect your furniture at the same time. Available at most discount stores in a variety of colors (including those of your favorite team!) disposable plastic tablecloths are easy to pull up while keeping the mess inside. When the time comes, make sure everything on the table is disposable; then just grab each corner and throw it away. Easy, one-step cleanup. Get ready to impress your guests with these crazy Super Bowl facts.


Keep the kids occupied

We all love our kids, but when adults want to watch an important game, keeping kids busy and happy is crucial. Have a few games for them to play, a designated room for toys and crafts some special non-spicy snacks just for them. If your kids are young, consider hiring a teen babysitter or mother’s helper to keep them entertained.


Don’t forget the commercials

Obviously people watch the Super Bowl for the game itself, but a lot of us consider the commercials just as important and consider them a highlight of the night. Be aware of this fact, even if you’re not a superfan of the ads yourself, and make it fun for all your guests by keeping it quiet during the breaks. Ideally serve food in a separate area so chatter is kept to a minimum for those who want to see the long-awaited commercials.


Soak the dirty cookware before bed

It’s a Sunday night and you probably have to work in the morning. Instead of doing all the cleaning tonight leaving you even more exhausted from a day of fun and entertaining, fill your sink with hot, soapy water, and leave pots and pans to soak overnight while you sleep. They’ll be easier to handle the next day, and the smell of chicken wings won’t hit you hard when you’re making your morning coffee.


Open the windows

The morning after the game, if it’s not freezing outside, try to air out the main room where guests were eating and drinking, to refresh the air in the space. If you do live in a cold climate, try opening the windows for 10 to 15 minutes before you leave for work or school. Nothing freshens a space better than clean, outside air.


Move furniture back

Now that the game is over, it’s time to put everything back. Carefully slide furniture back into place, and vacuum floors and carpets—not just around but underneath everything. Here’s what professional housecleaners do in their homes every day to keep them spick and span.


Deal with stains

It may take the light of day to see stains on clothing, blankets, rugs, upholstery or even drapes. Machine wash what you can, but refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for stains on items that cannot be washed.