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Hot in Cleveland: Joy’s Quotable Quotes

From our partner: As played by actress Jane Leeves, Joy Scroggs is the "Eyebrow Queen of Beverly Hills" on the TV Land show, a wisecracker who has a way with words.

Courtesy TV Land

On romcoms

“Romantic comedies are like cellulite cures—everyone of them is a lie.”

Courtesy TV Land

On going out

“I feel young and hot—like they’re undressing me with their eyes and not finding Spanx.”

Courtesy TV Land

On the Internet

“This is why the Internet was invented—for men to find naked pictures of celebrities and for women to cyber-stalk the men they trust.”

Courtesy TV Land

On dancing

“Dancing with a straight man is like putting a hat on your dog. It’s fun but you know he hates it.”

Courtesy TV Land

On being desperate

“Reek of desperation? That’s insane. There’s no smell.”

Courtesy TV Land

On feeling sexy

“I just don’t feel sexy wearing my reading glasses when I’m texting men.”

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