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Hot in Cleveland: Victoria’s Wittiest One-Liners

From our partner: Actress Wendie Malick portrays the soap-opera star Victoria Chase on the TV Land show, giving her plenty of opportunity to deliver these dramatically clever quotes with attitude.

Courtesy TV Land

On being a diva

“I’ve been speaking diva since I tearfully informed my preschool teacher that not all little teapots are short and stout.”

Courtesy TV Land

On counting calories

“There are no calories if you’re consoling a friend.”

Courtesy TV Land

On marriage

“I’ve had marriages I haven’t snapped out of until two marriages later.”

Courtesy TV Land

On standards

“What is happening to men? Have standards sunk so low that men are now accepting women as they are?”

On perspective

“I know what will make your problems seem silly and insignificant…my problems.”

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