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How 6 Small Towns Honor Veterans

Inspiring: Throughout the year, these small towns honor all United States veterans in unique ways, from "Boots for Our Troops" drives to mile-long parades.

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How Tuscon, AZ Honors Veterans

In early 2008, two Vietnam veterans in Tuscon, Arizona were reminiscing about returning home from war and feeling unwelcome. They were inspired to start “Boots for Our Troops,” a program where retail outlets sell paper boot-shaped cutouts to raise money to help returning veterans re-acclimate. By Veterans Day of 2008, the organization raised $25,000.

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How Chillicothe, IL Honors Veterans

A Boy Scout from Troop 91 in Chillicothe, Illinois produced a documentary about veterans for his Eagle Scout Project, then held a luncheon for veterans so the community could express its gratitude.

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How Hemingford, NH Honors Veterans

With only a population of 800, an impressive number of flags can be found posted along Hemingford’s two main streets every patriotic holiday. Each of the nearly 300 flags on what’s become the “Avenue of Flags” was once draped over the casket of a local veteran.

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How Coleman, MI Honors Veterans

Through donations from local businesses and citizens, Coleman, Michigan has been able to complete the first phase of its veterans’ memorial. Its next phase adds two statues: one of a modern day female soldier and another of a World War I doughboy.

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How Parker, SD Honors Veterans

Parker, South Dakota residents were awestruck when they first saw a Christmas tree the local VFW Ladies Auxiliary fashioned with pictures of town veterans. The tree was soon moved to a grocery store for more townspeople to admire.

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How Auburn, WA Honors Veterans

Auburn, Washington’s Veterans Day Parade and Observance, now in its 46th year, has become the largest of its kind west of the Mississippi. Thousands of veterans and their families line Main Street for the mile-long parade.

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