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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

How Happy Homeowners Think

Believe it: Home improvement can come from within. Here, the simple ways homeowners find peace with their surroundings.

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They revel in their first love.

What attracted you to your house the moment you saw it? Was it the sunny yard, charming porch, original wood floors? Once you live there, it’s natural to focus on what needs improving, but remember to revel in the highlights that drew you in too.

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They use their senses.

If you’re getting down on your house, take a quick tour that zeros in on pure sensory pleasure: the cozy comfort of your couch, the smell of coffee brewing, the feel of a rug between your toes.

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They contrast it with not-home.

Imagine you’ve just been on a long trip, and you’re arriving home for the first time in weeks. You close the door behind you and take a deep breath. What are you most looking forward to about being home in that moment? Think about the ways your home comforts and supports you.

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They recall compliments.

When friends come over, do they comment on how welcoming and relaxing your house is? Is it great for parties, intimate chats, or barbecues on the lawn? Pay attention to what others have to say about your space.

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They count invisible benefits.

Is your rent or mortgage affordable, allowing you to live within your means? Is your home near your best friend’s house, a lovely park, or your favorite café? Is it quiet? Are your neighbors nice? There are many factors that you may not see when you look around but that are just as (or more) important as the space itself.

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