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How to Be More Productive in 2021, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

From improving organization and boosting creativity to managing stress and fine-tuning your network, let the stars guide you toward your best self this year.

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2021: The Year of Productivity

Looking to ramp up your productivity this year? No matter your sign, you’re in luck! “After two-and-a-half years in strict, hardworking, and often-traditional Capricorn, the planet Saturn has just entered free-spirited Aquarius in 2021, which in general will be a much more airy, intellect-focused year,” says Molly Cardinal, an astrologer who trained under celebrity astrologer David “The Leo King” Palmer. “What Saturn’s movements mean for the collective is a departure from old structures, rules, and legacy control. We get to reexamine what work means to us, how to organize our days according to what rules work for us, and which people we truly want to associate with.”

Cardinal explains that Saturn is also joined by the boisterous and lucky planet Jupiter, that will spend much of 2021 in Aquarius as well. These two planets together will teach us that we can find optimism and positivity if we stay committed to our own values and surround ourselves with encouraging and uplifting words and people, instead of being plugged into content that seems to consistently bring down our unique spirits or dissuade us from creating a dream life. “Productivity in 2021 requires identifying our own energetic patterns and priorities and creating schedules and routines that work for us, breaking free of anything heavy and controlling,” she says. “It’s time to take responsibility for our days instead of waiting for them to change on their own.” Here’s what 2021 has in store for you, based on your Chinese zodiac sign.

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Aries (March 21-April 19): Vision board cork boards


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The need to connect with the right groups is especially important for Aries this year. “January and February are especially potent months for Aries to gain clarity on their values, what their version of stability is, and who in their life aids in those pursuits,” says Cardinal. “While Aries likes to take action, their ruling planet, Mars, transiting through Taurus, encourages them to begin the year by slowing down and getting their immediate environment in order.” Cardinal suggests Rams create a vision board to visually capture all the things that mean the most to you and inspire you. Since no Aries wants to be confined to a boring square corkboard, consider this ten-pack of self-adhesive cork board tiles that you can arrange into a piece of living art instead. Here’s how to make more money based on your zodiac sign.

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Taurus (April 20-May 20): The 2021 Everygirl Career Planner


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Good news, Taurus: 2021 is a good year to focus on your larger achievements. “Uranus’s influence in their first house has been encouraging Taurus to identify their most unique and exciting qualities,” says Cardinal. “And with Saturn’s transit this year, Bulls can use that to set and work toward goals that align with their individual spirit.” The Everygirl Career Planner will set any Taurus up for professional growth success in 2021 with tasks and to-do lists on tabbed monthly and weekly calendars. It also provides plenty of writing space, as well as life-planning worksheets to document career progress (including personal wins and areas of improvement), plus helpful tips and inspirational quotes. This is the most intelligent zodiac sign.

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Gemini (May 21-June 20): Audible subscription


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Gemini will feel compelled to identify and pursue a greater purpose or “destiny” in 2021. “It could feel overwhelming for Gemini and like a lot is being asked of them to decide who they want to be and how it will fit into the larger world,” says Cardinal. “Twins could be drawn to studying other cultures or beliefs to see what resonates with them.” Since Gemini loves stories, a great way to increase productivity would be a subscription to Amazon’s Audible — they can learn about other people and places to see what inspires them (and since Audible is listening, instead of reading, it’s easier to multitask). This is your most attractive trait, per your zodiac sign.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22): GoBiotix Focus supplement


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The first half of 2020 offered challenges to Cancer’s ideas about their life purpose, including career paths. On the flip side, “This new year is a new opportunity for them to take ownership of their true desires, what excites them, and what is worth pursuing—especially in the context of what provides the ideal work/life balance,” says Cardinal. Cancers may find a nootropic (a fancy term for supplements that claim to help improve cognitive function, such as memory or creativity) helpful for staying focused on the tasks at hand instead of being weighed down by the heavy thoughts hanging in the air. GoBiotix’s Focus supplement features eight mushrooms to help boost memory, clarity, energy, and your immune system without jitters. This is your top career strength according to your zodiac sign.

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Leo (July 23-August 22): BestSelf Co. Icebreaker Deeper Talk conversation starter


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Leo is also a sign for which 2021 will highlight their alliances, associations, and partnerships. “Some relationships may be revealed to not be as conducive to Leo’s creative pursuits, and others may need to be restructured,” says Cardinal. To help determine which relationships are keepers and where you might need to trim some fat, grab the Icebreaker Deeper Talk conversation prompts deck from BestSelf Co. With 150 thought-provoking question cards, you’re sure to learn more about everyone in your life, become a better communicator, and strengthen your connections with those who matter most. Try these best ways to de-stress, according to your zodiac sign.

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Virgo (August 22-September 22): This Year I Will … A 52-Week Guided Journal to Achieve Your Goals


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Virgo excels at staying busy, and this year Saturn will help you to improve that skill. “However, instead of toiling for the sake of it, the focus will be on actions that are results-oriented,” says Cardinal. “How can they re-structure their days to work smarter, not harder, and also have time for something that lifts up their spirit?” Grab a copy of “This Year I Will … a 52-Week Guided Journal to Achieve Your Goals” and start creating some forward momentum rather than spinning in place. It will help you zero in on what you want to achieve, set realistic goals, and track your progress through various prompts and mental exercises. Find out the zodiac signs that produce the most billionaires.

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Libra (September 23-October 22): Adult coloring book


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For Libra, 2021 will be an opportunity to dedicate themselves to a new creative pursuit. “Bonus points for them if they get out of their comfort zone of thinking everything has to be picture-perfect and they get more experimental with what they deem ‘beautiful,'” says Cardinal. Perhaps what Libras need this year is to get back to the basics and rekindle some of the creativity they enjoyed in preschool with an adult coloring book. The 100 Amazing Patterns adult coloring book reimagines mandalas by eliminating the white space so you have even more room to create your masterpiece.

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Scorpio (October 23-November 21): Laura Ashley 6-shelf organizer


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This year Scorpio will need to take special care of their homes, even if they return to working outside the home. “As their sanctuary, Scorpio’s home must be inspiring and positive, but also be in order—and not an added source of stress leading to them trying to control the wrong things,” says Cardinal. Start by organizing your closets, with Laura Ashley’s six-shelf organizer. Made of a non-woven, breathable material, this shelf hangs from any closet rod (no assembly or tools required), holding pants, sweaters, T-shirts, linens, or anything else you need to stay organized.

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Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): Goals: How to Get the Most Out of Your Life book


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“Whereas Sagittarius is notorious for often zooming way out on the big picture and getting a bit idealistic, this year will especially highlight this challenge with the transit of their ruling planet, Jupiter, as well as the nodes of the moon,” explains Cardinal. “They will need to turn inward to uncover what they really want out of day-to-day life and start making smaller, incremental changes.” And the best way to make changes is to set specific goals and then take action—something Zig Ziglar’s book, Goals: How to Get the Most Out of Your Life, can help with. He breaks the goal setting and getting processes down to day-by-day actions to help you become the best version of yourself.

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Capricorn (December 22-January 19): Calm the Chaos Cards


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Capricorn naturally excels at self-motivation and achievement, but 2021 is an opportunity to slow down and find more stability and routine that makes them feel grounded. “They don’t always have to be obsessing about what they need to do next, as great ideas and inspiration often come from being mindful in the moment,” says Cardinal. Calm the Chaos Cards are an easy way to slip into a daily mindfulness practice. This deck offers 65 soothing cards to help set your intentions, practice grounding, and gratitude, and keep yourself centered. There’s a corresponding journal, too, if you need even more accountability.

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Aquarius (January 20-February 18): ChargeCard portable charger


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This will be a powerful year for Aquarius, as Jupiter’s transit through their first house inspires action and re-identification. “Furthermore, Saturn encourages them to take responsibility for who they want to be and live it out,” says Cardinal. “This will be an ideal year for exploring a creative endeavor that brings out Aquarius’s true character and gets them out of their fixed routine.” Of course, when you’re living your life in a more impromptu way, you’ll need to be prepared for anything—including running out of juice on your favorite devices. The ChargeCard is a portable charger that is so slim, it actually fits in your wallet just like a credit card. It’s compatible with iPhones and Androids (even headphones and speakers) thanks to its built-in charging cables.

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Pisces (February 19-March 20): Speks magnetic balls


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“Pisces could experience heightened inspiration this year that helps them feel connected to a greater power and purpose—along with learning how to ground this inspiration into reality so that their day-to-day life is more fulfilling and spirited,” says Cardinal. “They will need to strike the ideal balance between imagination and reality.” A tangible stress-relief toy, such as Speks, may be just the answer as you get lost in thought. These mini metallic balls will instantly squash stress and increase productivity because they can be endlessly manipulated into strands, shapes, and structures. Keep a set on your desk to help ground you when your imagination runs wild. Here’s how to get organized, based on your zodiac sign.


  • Molly Cardinal, an astrologer who trained under celebrity astrologer David “The Leo King” Palmer.

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