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9 Beauty Hacks that Make You Look Wide Awake, Even When You’re SO Not

Let's face it, mornings can be hard. But that doesn't have to show on your face. Here's a mix of makeup, skin, and at-home remedies for looking wide awake, even on mornings when you hit snooze repeatedly.

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Steep on it

“The best pick-me-up for tired eyes is to brew some organic chamomile tea and then let it chill in the fridge,” suggests Angela Jia Kim, founder of Savor Beauty, a spa and line of products. “Take cotton rounds, dip into cooled tea, wring them out, and place onto the eyes for up to 10 minutes. The antioxidants will reduce dark circles and brighten your eye zone.” Learn these makeup artists’ tricks for looking younger.

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Be cool

“Ice acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, which helps reduce inflammation and soothe skin,” says Maya Zeineddine, P.M.E., para-medical aesthetician at Cassileth Plastic Surgery & Skin Care in Beverly Hills, California. She recommends putting two cups of ice in a big bowl, then dipping in a washcloth. Use the washcloth as a cold compress right on your eyes. It’s not just your looks that suffer when you don’t get enough zzzs.

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Get lippy

One of the fastest ways to look more awake is to change up your lip color. YouTube star and beauty guru Cassandra Bankson suggests avoiding dark lip colors, such as purples or reds and to stick to more neutral ones, like pinks and nudes.

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Mellow yellow

Alejandro Falcon, celebrity makeup artist and artistic director for Osmosis Mineral Colour Cosmetics, recommends using a pale yellow concealer. “Applying an under eye concealer with a slightly yellow undertone will help to neutralize any redness or discoloration, which will leave the eyes looking brighter and well-rested.”

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Skin to it

Eyes aren’t the only thing that sometimes need pepping up when you’re feeling exhausted. “Dehydrated skin, especially, gives it away, and dehydrated skin retains water making it look more bloated, puffy, and sleep-deprived,” says Bankson, “Drink a refreshing glass of water (16 ounces or more) and splash a bit on your face as well; cool water causes facial muscles to contract to help temporarily tighten the skin.”

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Put it up

Bankson says pulling hair back, into a high ponytail or ballerina bun, pulls and tightens skin, giving you the illusion of being fresh-faced and alert.

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Get the blues

Trade your trusty blue or black eyeliner for a blue one. “Cool colors on and around your eyes help alleviate the redness,” Falcon says. “For example, a navy blue eyeliner brightens the whites of your eyes and gives the illusion that you have gotten more sleep.”

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Look for niacinamide

“This is a wonder ingredient when it comes to relieving dark under eye circles,” Falcon says. “It is a form of vitamin B, a vasodilator, and an anti-inflammatory, so when applied to your skin, it increases blood flow to help to alleviate dark circles and minimize puffiness in the under eye area.” Osmosis Refresh Eye Serum helps to restore a healthy barrier and plump fine lines around the eyes, while providing protection and improvement to the delicate eye area, he says.

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Get your shimmer on

YouTube star Bankson suggests adding some sparkle to your morning makeup routine. “Use a light, shimmery eye shadow on your inner eye, the “tear duct”area, which brightens up sleepy eyes instantly,” she recommends. “Plus, a flesh tone or white eyeliner helps make your eyes appear more open and awake.”

Felissa Benjamin Allard
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