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This Is the Exact Genius Way to Pack Makeup For Travel to Prevent Messy Disasters

Don't start your trip with a broken eye-shadow palette. This is how to keep everything secure.

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Pack powders tightly

Avoid a broken palette fiasco by packing powders with care. To do so, place a cotton ball between the makeup and the mirror of the compact (you can also use a makeup sponge or tissue). The added cushion should provide enough shock absorption to keep things secure. If the powder does break, don’t freak. Drop a bit of rubbing alcohol into the compact and press the pieces back in place. The makeup should dry as good as new.

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Squeeze the air out of bottles

It’s not your imagination: lotions and serums really are more likely to break open during flights. (The same increase in air pressure that causes your ears to pop also causes lids to snap open.) Reduce the chance of spillage by puffing the air out of your bottles before you pack them.

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Add an extra layer of protection

Keep shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and other gooey products secure by placing a square of saran wrap over their lids. Pack an extra sheet or two for the return trip to avoid an unwanted surprise when you unpack. Trust us, you don’t want to make these suitcase packing mistakes.

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Make DIY travel-sized bottles

Head to your local 99-cent store to pick up a few reusable plastic bottles (make sure they’re under three ounces in order to comply with TSA guidelines). For products you’ll need even less of, such as foundation or primer, pack a few drops into an old contact lenses case.

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Compartmentalize your makeup bag

Bundle similar items together in zip-top bags before you pack them into your makeup bag. Once they’re ready to go, place the heaviest items (like foundation and setting spray) on the bottom of the bag and lighter items on top.

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Pack your makeup into the center of your suitcase

Allow your clothing to help with shock absorption by packing your makeup bag into the center of your suitcase. For even better results, wrap the bag into a sweater or beach towel first. If you’ve got an extra-fragile product (say, a glass bottle of perfume) fold it into a pair of socks or pack it into the hood of a sweatshirt. And if you accidentally get makeup on your clothes, don’t worry—here’s a guide on how to get makeup out of clothes.

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