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10 Ways to Save 10 Minutes Every Day

How would you like to have SIXTY HOURS EXTRA in a year to do whatever you want? All it takes is 10 minutes saved per day. In her book, ‘The Empowered Mama,’ FIT4MOM founder Lisa Druxman already created a list of ideas to help you to make this happen.

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Make a daily list for your kids

Even before my kids could read, I had a checklist with pictures so they knew what they needed to have done before school or to get ready for a sport. Examples include putting shoes on, backpack, homework, lunch. Laminate the list, and they can check it off each day. Don’t miss these other 8 small changes that will save you hours every week.

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Wash and cut all of your produce one time per week

Use a product like Eat Cleaner, and the produce will last longer. Not only will you eat healthier, you’ll also save time by avoiding the clean-cut-pack-cleanup process multiple times during the week. Check out these other 25 kitchen hacks that make cooking faster and easier.

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Have handy baskets around the house

Use them to stash items you regularly use so you save time digging for what you need. For new moms, I’m talking about things such as wipes and diapers. For any of us, maybe pens, hair ties, reading glasses, small notepads, and sticky notes. Steal these other 11 morning habits of highly organized people.

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Take one, give one

If your child gets a new toy or article of clothing, have him pick one of his own to give away to someone in need. Not only does this teach your child the gift of giving, it will help keep your home from getting cluttered and save time cleaning. Bonus! Here are more 10 effortless things clutter-free people do every day.

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Get your exercise in when your kids are at lessons or sports

I understand that you want to watch your kids. But, truth be told, I see more moms on their phones the whole time than actually watching their kids’ activities. This is a great time to get a little valuable time in for you! Try these other 6 sneaky ways to walk more steps every day, too. Happy bodies empower happy brains–and happy brains can help girls get their educations.

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Have kids be ready ten minutes earlier than they need to be

No TV, video games, or dawdling until they are 100 percent ready to go. Teaching them to be ready early is a great life skill to keep them from developing the habit of running late. If you have trouble managing your own time, steal these 13 habits of people who are always on time.

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Buy your kids the same type of socks in bulk

That way you never have to work to find a match because they all match!

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Put lunch foods in separate bins

For instance, bars in one bin, fruit snacks in another, chips or pretzels in another. Let your kids know how many items to pick from each bin. With a little organization, your kids can start packing their own lunches earlier than you think!

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Create a shared digital calendar

Share the calendar with your spouse or other caretaker(s)—and include your kids when they are old enough. Putting all sports, play dates, birthday parties, and other activities on the same digital calendar allows every caretaker to know who is available, what is coming up, and how to get there. That way you don’t spend extra time trying to coordinate. Check out these other 11 ways highly organized people use their smartphones.

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Double up

At least once a week, double the amount of what you’re making for dinner and put the extra portions in the freezer. This builds up your arsenal of frozen meals for busy nights. You can freeze more than you think—including these 7 surprising foods that can stay fresh in the freezer.

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Get even more time back every day

Being a parent is hard work—we get it. That’s why fitness expert Lisa Druxman created FIT4MOM to help moms live healthier lives. In her book, The Empowered Mama: How to Reclaim Your Time and Yourself While Raising a Happy, Healthy Family, Druxman lays out hundreds of tips for staying sane and finding time for yourself while keeping your family happy and healthy.