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How to Sell Your House: 5 Tips to Take the Best Photos

Thinking about selling your home? These easy-to-follow photography tips will give it the best presentation possible.

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Photo by sashamd via Flickr

Opt for Natural Light

Before you take a picture, turn off all the lights. I pull up the shades, tie back the curtains, and shoot before four in the afternoon so that the sun isn’t too low. Natural light makes everything look crisper, brighter, and so much better.

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Photo by tonyhall via Flickr

Look With Your Lens

Take a trial photograph of each space you want to feature, and examine the image on the camera’s preview screen. (Would a vertical shot be better than a horizontal one? Are there any cords and wires poking out? Is there way too much clutter?) Critiquing photos on your camera may help you notice problems.

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Photo by hellojenuine via Flickr

Take a Knee

Unless you’re about four foot five, you’re probably not photographing your space at an optimal angle. Take wider shots from a kneeling position to make the room look bigger (rather than getting a lot of floor or ceiling in the finished product).

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Photo by Country Girl/City Girl via Flickr

Try a Few Vignettes

Get a few close-up photos to convey the house’s character. Zoom in on desirable details (like original molding and beautiful windows) to ensure they don’t get missed. The result: Your home will be more memorable, and viewers will be likelier to come back to it.

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Photo by amos1766 via Flickr

Avoid These Eyesores

Always leave out ceiling fans. Period. If you’re looking to erase small nail holes or unsightly cracks from a photograph, try editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

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