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Ice Cube Tray Hacks: 9 Genius Ways You Never Thought to Use Them

Using your ice cube trays only for freezing water? Then you're missing out on these brilliant hacks to save leftover wine, preserve herbs, store jewelry, and more.

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Courtesy The Art of Doing Stuff

Freeze Leftover Wine for Cooking

Freeze leftover wine to add to a stew or sauce the next time a recipe calls for it. When the cubes of red or white wine are solid, pop them out and store them in a Ziploc bag.

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Courtesy Noshing with the Nolands

Have Fresh Herbs All Winter

Chop herbs coarsely and use a tablespoon to drop them into an ice cube tray. Top with a little water and freeze. When you want to add fresh parsley, sage, thyme or rosemary to a dish, they’ll be right at your fingertips. Plus the freezer maintains their vibrant color.

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Whip Up Fun Treats for Tots

Ice cube trays make an excellent mold for Jell-O cubes. Make several trays, each a different flavor, and mix them together for a fun presentation of finger foods that kids will love.

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Create a Cool April Fool’s Gag

To liven up a party, fill an ice cube tray with water, and allow it to come close to freezing. Then place a Mentos candy in the middle of each cube and allow for a complete freeze. Serve these ice cubes to a good natured friend in a glass of cola. As the ice melts and the candy becomes exposed, the drink will suddenly foam over for no apparent reason! Just keep a lot of paper towels handy….

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Courtesy The View from Great Island

Pretty Up a Special Drink

How gorge would floral ice cubes be in a glass full of your favorite beverage? Use edible flowers and follow these easy steps to impress family and friends at a special brunch or celebration.

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Courtesy Apartment Therapy

Organize Your Baubles

Searching for a missing earring is not the best way start your morning. An ice cube tray or two in a dresser drawer is a perfect place to store earrings and other small jewelry. The trays can hold a dozen pairs of earrings and they stack nicely.

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Ali Blumenthal for Reader's Digest

Improve Your Canine’s Table Manners

If you have a toy breed who eats so fast that indigestion is a problem, an ice cube tray can be a dog’s best friend. Simply distribute your pet’s normal portion of food between the empty cube holders. Your pooch will have to slow down to get at the food. It will take longer to finish the meal and thus, aid in digestion.

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Courtesy MrBrownThumb

Start Your Garden

Put some soil in each compartment of your ice cube tray, plant seeds and get your season started early with indoor sprouting!

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Courtesy 30 Pounds of Apples

Feed Your Inner Chocoholic

30 Pounds Of Apples has a crafty idea for using ice cube trays to make decadent homemade hot chocolate squares. You can make them ahead of time, store in the pantry, and stick them into hot milk when you’re craving a cozy, steaming cuppa chocolate.

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