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16 Ice Pops With Unbelievable Flavor

Next time you're in the mood for a frozen treat, make a batch of these outrageous ice pops: some fruity, some creamy, some boozy, all easy.

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Chocolate Salted Caramel Ice Pops

Salted caramel sandwiched between two layers of chocolate pudding gives this ice pop an addictive bite.

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Three Musketeers Ice Pops

Created to taste like the candy bar of the same name, the additional Kahlua and chocolate liquor make this ice pop more adult-friendly.

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Kiwi Pineapple Ice Pops

If a classic fruit ice pop is your style, try this healthier version—a sweet and tart creation made with fresh kiwi, pineapple, and a hint of honey.

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Blueberry Cabernet Cheesecake Ice Pops

Have your cheesecake and eat it too—on a stick! Classic cheesecake ingredients mix with blueberries and red wine for a dessert and nightcap in one with this ice pop.

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Nutella Ice Pop

Make your own fudge pops with chocolate milk and hazelnut chocolate spread.

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Jell-o Ice Pops

If you’re out of fruit juice, relax—you can still have homemade ice pops. Use Jell-o, powdered drink mix, and cold and boiling water to make a simple (but tasty) emergency treat.

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Peanut Butter-Oreo Ice Pops

Cookies and cream are already a match made in freezer heaven, but this leftovers-inspired frozen treat adds tangy cream cheese to an Oreo-and-whipped cream base.

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Strawberry Champagne Ice Pops

These ice pops dress up summer celebrations like a backyard birthday, bridal shower, wedding, or graduation party.

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Fig, Clementine, and Port Wine Ice Pops

Make your glass of wine last longer by freezing it with figs, oranges, and honey.

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Lemon Raspberry Yogurt Ice Pop

This icy treat is healthy, with creamy Greek yogurt, zesty lemon juice, and naturally sweet raspberries.

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Basil-Infused Lychee Lime Ice Pops

This ice pop hits so many flavor notes at once: sweet (lychee), spicy (basil), and sour (lime).

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Bloody Mary Ice Pops

This Bloody Mary ice pop, or “poptail,” chills down an outdoors summer Sunday brunch. Just pour the cocktail from the glass to an ice-pop mold for a mid-morning treat.

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Matcha Mousse Ice Pop

Matcha is green tea, in powder form; it’s delicious to drink and even better in an ice mold. First fold it into a mousse made of yogurt and whipping cream, then freeze to make these airy, antioxidant-rich ice pops.

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Tutti-Frutti Chocolate Coconut Ice Pops

Made with bananas, raspberries, low-fat coconut milk, and dark chocolate, this creamy ice pop will satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt.

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Mango Mai Tai Ice Pops

This summer, turn a tropical cocktail into a “poptail.” Mango, pineapple, and three kinds of rum give this baby a serious kick.

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Mango Lassi Ice Pops

All the creamy goodness of the traditional Indian drink—sweet mango, hint of cardamom, ginger—but frozen, and sprinkled with chopped pistachios.

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