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“I’m So Tired I’ll Try Anything”: Silly Sleep Solutions

Working with four hours of sleep right now? Then this slideshow will make perfect sense to you.

Scenario: You just watched a scary movie

1. I am not pregnant. 2. I don’t own a satin pajama set. 3. I don’t care. This Leachco Snoogle pregnancy pillow is shaped like a big padded “C” so that you can spoon it or it can spoon you. Genius.

Scenario: You’re lonely

Who needs a real boyfriend when you can have a knitted one? Dutch artist Noortje de Keijzer sewed together a life-size man as part of her design school graduation. Features include staying warm in the winter, no itchy stubble and a great source of static electricity.

Scenario: You can’t get comfortable

According to Wonder How To, it can be very effective to rub your belly as one might rub, say, a baby hedgehog. Start at your navel and rub your belly in bigger and bigger clockwise circles and then small and smaller counter-clockwise circles. Repeat.

Scenario: Your brain won’t turn off

There’s nothing more distracting than this woman’s robotic voice telling you that, “no matter how relaxed you become, you can still relax many times deeper.” Listen to the full two-hours and her droning speech will surely put you to sleep.

Scenario: Pulled an all-nighter and there’s no turning back

If you’re truly sleep-deprived and delirious, the UpRight Sleeper may start to seem tempting. The Sleeper ($39.99) is a device that straps around your back and allows your chin to rest in a padded, bendable frame so that you can sleep on the train, in line for the bus or even at the office.

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