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9 Indoor Activities That Will Keep Kids Occupied for Hours

Long days, warm nights, sunshine, vacation: Summer is a wonderful time of year for enjoying the outdoors. But what if you it's too hot to be outdoors or thunderstorming? You could go to a movie and spend a ton of cash or you could bring the fun inside and keep your kids busy and save money at the same time with these super fun activities!


Yarn laser maze

Grab an old ball of yarn and some tape and head to your hallway. Create a Mission Impossible style maze and encourage your child to make their way from one end to the other without touching the string. This activity promotes spatial awareness, gross motor function, and balance. Plus, it’s a ton of fun for little ones to pretend they’re negotiating their way through a real laser field! Take it one step further and use glow in the dark yarn and turn off the lights for a super cool twist! Check out even more rainy day activities for kids.


Tape race track

Everyone has masking tape cluttering up a junk drawer. Finally, get some use out of it and make a race track for your little one. Masking tape or painters tape is easy on the floor, pulls up without leaving a residue, and won’t harm your finishes. Make an indoor race track, maze, or hopscotch; there are so many possibilities and it’s such a versatile material! You can even go vertical and take the car race up the wall for some extra novelty. If you’ve got a long drive to your party, check out these 10 car games for kids.

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Glitter party

You know all that paint and glitter glue you’ve been hiding from your kid all year? As much as you might not want to, bad weather is the perfect time to break it all out and make a mess. And for easy cleanup, lay out a plastic shower curtain, and let your little ones go to town! Arts and crafts are a great way for your kiddo to improve those fine motor skills that are so beneficial in pre-writing, not to mention stretching their creative muscles.

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Obstacle course

Little ones love this! Grab the couch cushions, pillows from the beds, and kitchen chairs and make an obstacle course through the house. Kids get a huge kick out of the novelty of using common items in new ways and it’s great for gross motor development.

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Indoor scavenger hunt

A little bit of prep work can keep your kiddos occupied for a while. Print out pictures of common items, cut them out from a magazine, or draw them yourself, then set your kids on the hunt! Kids stay busy and mom and dad can take a break from entertaining. These busy box ideas also keep kids busy for hours.


Board games

From classics like Chutes and Ladders and Candyland to new faves Mole Rats in Space, there are few better ways to wile away an afternoon than playing boardgames with your fam. Young kids learn cooperation and taking turns and older kids can gain critical thinking skills.

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It really doesn’t get much better than sculpting, smacking, and squishing the afternoon away with modeling clay, like Play-doh. Another great activity for those fine motor skills, this is also great sensory stimulation to get those little brains working in new and different ways.


Dance party!

Always a favorite, just crank up the music and go bananas. Kids love seeing their parents cut loose and act silly, so dance like nobody is watching and you’ll be rewarded with tons of giggles and a super fun dance party. If you have a karaoke machine, even better!

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What better activity than one that ends with delicious treats? Baking with kids may seem like a lot of work and potential for mess, but stick with simple recipes like quick breads and muffins, and it can be a lot of fun. Not to mention educational. Kids learn about measuring and mixing and also work on gross motor function by stirring and sifting. And then you get muffins! Win-win!

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