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31 Amazon Halloween Decorations Worth Buying Early

Treat yourself to these killer Halloween decorations before they disappear!

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Home is where the haunt is

Heed our warning: Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your Halloween decorations, because the coolest, creepiest ones will sell out fast! And you’ll definitely want at least a few new items to transform your home into a haunted house this year. After all, what is Halloween without witches, ghosts, vampires, and the season’s other spookiest monsters? Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the best Amazon Halloween decorations, whether you’re looking for indoor ambiance or outdoor decorations your neighbors will envy.

How you style your abode is up to you, of course. Go full-on gore with zombies and severed body parts, keep it low-key by draping spider webbing over anything that stands still long enough, or class things up with stunning glass pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns of your own design. (For the latter, you’ll definitely want these creative pumpkin carving ideas.) Whatever you decide, your home will be ready for the witching hour in no time! For an even more haunted feel, mix in your new finds with these super easy and affordable DIY Halloween decorations.

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Possessed Doll Halloween Decorationvia

Possessed doll

If you thought dolls only came to life in scary movies, think again. You can recreate this terrifying scene in your own home with this animatronic doll that babbles spooky phrases and seemingly floats along (on a motorized base). The red, glowing eyes are the least creepy thing about this demonic Amazon Halloween decoration!

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Color Changing Lights Halloween Decorationvia

Color-changing lights

Cast an enchanted glow across your yard using color-changing floodlights. More effective than a basic rotating light show, the remote controls all 16 color options, including black and orange, in strobe and other effects.

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Mist Maker Halloween Decorationvia

Mist maker

It’s all about ambiance on Halloween. Make a dark night even spookier with this mini mist machine. Submerge it into a container of water and watch the ghostly fog billow, then dance across your lawn. It’s the perfect addition to a Halloween party, too.

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Spooky Spiderweb Halloween Decorationvia

Spooky spiderweb

Enter if you dare! Make visitors duck under a creepy-crawly spiderweb on their way inside. Or, for an instant haunted house, stretch it across a mirror and drape your furniture in white sheets.

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Fake Body Parts Halloween Decorationvia

Freaky floating body parts

Create your own sinister science experiment by adding a severed finger or gouged-out eyeball to the liquid hand-soap dispenser. Suspended in clear “embalming fluid” (the soap), it will terrorize your guests…in the best way possible, of course.

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Bloody Stains Halloween Decorationvia

Bloody stains

Turn your guest bathroom into a gruesome crime scene with strategically placed “bloody” footprints. For added effect, stretch a length of crime-scene tape across the doorway. Up the gore factor by making your own fake blood and splattering it strategically in the bathtub or on the mirror.

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Fangtastic Monster Decal Halloween Decorationvia

Fang-tastic monster

Short on time? Try these last-minute costumes and this quick decor idea. Stick bulging eyes, flaring nostrils, and blood-covered fangs onto your garage, bay window, or front door, transforming it into a spine-tingling monster.

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Spiderweb Table Runner Set Halloween Decorationvia

Spiderweb table runner

Eat, drink, and be scary with this web-like table runner set from Amazon. Drape the table, mantel, and lamp in lacy, black spider webs. Then stick the 36 included 3D bats to the walls, chairs, and chandeliers so you’re surrounded by spook. Get the kids in on the action with these easy Halloween crafts and then display the results.

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Outdoor Zombie Halloween Decorationvia

An alarming zombie

Is it even an outdoor graveyard scene without a zombie erupting out of the ground? Up the realism by placing this guy over a pile of dirt or mound of leaves. Did “zombie” make the list of the most popular Halloween costume the year you were born?

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Jabbering Jack O Lantern Halloween Decorationvia

Jabbering jack-o’-lantern

The life of the party, this chatty jack-o’-lantern will not stop singing, talking, and joking around. Mix him in the display of no-carve pumpkins for a silly surprise.

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Halloween Tree Halloween Decoration via

A Halloween tree

Trees are not just for Christmas anymore, but think twice before opening the gifts left underneath this one. With a full five feet of spider- and LED-light-covered tinsel, this sinister version is scary-beautiful.

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Tombstones Halloween Decorationvia

Terrifying tombstones

A front-lawn graveyard screams Halloween fun house. And unlike the funniest real-life tombstones, these foam, faux-stone tombstones give your yard a morbid makeover.

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Skeleton Flamingos Halloween Decorationvia

Skeleton flamingos

Swap out summery pink flamingo yard decorations with their spookier cousins. These black-and-white skeleton flamingos are Amazon Halloween decorations that really bring the drama.

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Glass Pumpkin Halloween Decorationvia

Glass pumpkins

Choose classic over chilling by ordering a few of these gorgeous mercury-glass pumpkins. They come in three distinct shapes that shimmer in the daytime and glow at night, thanks to the set-it-and-forget-it auto timer. By the way, this is why we carve pumpkins on Halloween.

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Creepy Hanging Corpse Halloween Decorationvia

Creepy corpse

A cocooned corpse in the coat closet is definitely the last thing guests will expect. Simply hang this life-size decoration, close the door, and wait for the screams of terror.

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Crystal Ball Halloween Decorationvia

Cursed crystal ball

Take a page out of Disney’s spellbook and summon the spirits from beyond with this animatronic crystal ball. Inspired by one of the most famous haunted houses, The Haunted Mansion, Madame Leota is so realistic, her mouth moves when she speaks.

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Phantasmic Picture Frames Halloween Decorationvia

Phantasmic portraits

Frighten unsuspecting guests by nestling this framed photograph amid other family photos. From one angle, you’ll see a vintage black-and-white image of a young girl. From the other, you’ll see her transform into something downright demonic.

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Halloween Wall Clock Halloween Decorationvia

Seasonal wall clock

It is always time for Halloween hijinks with this wall clock. An unexpected way to add a little devilish decor, switching out your wall clock is an easy, festive upgrade.

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Blood Succulents Halloween Decorationvia

Blood succulents

Without a doubt, this plant escaped from a little shop of horrors. Real-feel leaves, teeth, and decorative lights up the spook factor of this ominously named corpse plant. The movie this decoration is based on, by the way, is a classic, and one of the spooky yet funny Halloween movies you should watch this October.

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Welcoming Witches Halloween Decorationvia

Welcoming witches

Crooning and cackling away, these three witches will hang out on your lawn for a spell. Whenever they detect motion, their glowing faces light up the night. If these three put you in the mood for a good witch movie, we have some enchanting suggestions.

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Witch Candles Halloween Decoration via

Bewitching candles

Cast a glow around your home with a trio of flickering, flameless candles. They work well grouped together in a front window. Or scatter them throughout the house; try the dining table, mantel, and guest bathroom.

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Halloween Pillow Covers Halloween Decoration via

Seasonal pillow covers

Instead of swapping out your throw pillows, simply slip on seasonal covers. Using these affordable Amazon Halloween decorations is a quick way to accessorize your bed or couch, without the clutter of extra pillows to store.

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Eyeball Doorbell Halloween Decorationvia

Eye-popping doorbell

A press of the button brings this doorbell to life. The bulging eye turns a sick shade of green and spins around while emitting beastly sounds. What better way to welcome trick-or-treaters than with a trick, then a treat! By the way, this is what time trick-or-treating starts.

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Forest Table Lamp Halloween Decorationvia

Forest tabletop lamp

For an instant haunted forest all your own, all you have to do is plug in this lamp. Just like in the haunted forests around the world, you can almost hear the shadowy branches creaking in the wind.

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Bloody Shower Curtain Halloween Decorationvia

Bloody shower curtain

So simple yet so effective. This Amazon Halloween decoration will transform your bathroom into a horror show in a flash. Just be prepared to bathe with one eye open.

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Haunted Mirror Halloween Decoration via

Haunted mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the scariest of them all? No bones about it, the winner is this ghostly skull. It flashes and speaks whenever nearby motion is detected. These spooky stories will also give you the perfect dose of fright.

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Wrap Around Ghosts Halloween Decorationvia

Wrap-around ghosts

Who can resist the smiling faces on these friendly ghosts? Simply bend their wire arms around a lamp post, or hang this comical pair from a tree in the yard.

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Motion Activated Ghost Halloween Decorationvia

Motion-activated ghostly figure

This five-foot-tall outdoor decoration is scary even before it springs to life. But when its sensors detect motion, this bloody specter is downright petrifying with its bone-chilling screeches and red, glowing eyes. This guy could definitely be the star of our nightmares—or one of these ghost stories you won’t want to read at night.

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Trespassing Signs Halloween Decorationvia

“No trespassing” sign

This set of tin-plate signs are sure to make visitors think twice before entering. They serve as a warning to all that you are too tired to deal with trespassers.

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Inflatable Fire Breathing Dragon Halloween Decorationvia

Inflatable fire-breathing dragon

Welcome to your nightmare. As if a nine-foot, inflatable dragon wasn’t intimidating enough, this one appears ready to take flight with actual flapping wings.

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Haunted Candy Dish Halloween Decorationvia

Haunted candy dish

Did someone say candy? Watch out—reaching in for a treat turns into a trick when the skeleton hand gets you! Every time the skull-shaped bowl senses motion, the eyes glow red and it makes gruesome sounds.

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