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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

5 Inspiring Videos Where Music Made Everything Better

Keep a song in your heart, people.

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96-Year-Old Widower’s Lovely Song

Fred Stobaugh, who had penned an emotional letter in remembrance of his longtime love, entered it in a video music contest. When they heard his story, the producers were so touched that they offered to have his lyrics recorded professionally, and the song became a viral iTunes hit. (Source: Gawker)

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Zach’s Music Brings Happiness to Many

Zach Sobiech loved writing heartfelt lyrics and irresistibly positive songs. When he passed away on May 20, 2013, his fans pushed one of those songs, entitled “Clouds” to #1 on iTunes, Spotify, and the Billboard charts and 5,000 of them gathered to sing a song of remembrance to him. Online video isn’t just joyful, it can be financially fulfilling–this is how much money YouTubers make(Source:

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Mom Serenades 10-Month-Old-Daughter

Watch the face of a baby become overwhelmed with emotion while hearing her mother croon to her.

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Joyful Dance Before Double Mastectomy

Deborah Cohan wanted her pre-op moments before a double mastectomy to be filled with joy, and planned an operating-room dance with her medical team. (Source: GMA)

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Former Dancer Decides to Practice “Aggressive Self Love”

Whitney Thore, a former dancer, decided to stop letting her weight stifle her love of dancing and music, and teamed up with a radio show host to create this inspiring video. According to reports, the title of the video “Fat Girl Dancing” is a conscious decision on the part of the producers in order to “reclaim and embrace the word “fat.” (Source: Huffington Post)

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