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14 of the Strangest Things That Have “Disappeared” from Suitcases

Obviously the TSA keeps us safe. Still, some really weird things tend to happen to our luggage in transit, including these missing possessions!

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“I take migraine meds and I have injectables for when they get really bad. Out of everything in my suitcase (like awesome shoes and handbags), someone took my three injectable Imitrex meds. And if you don’t get migraines, it’s not like these meds would have any affect, like Oxycontin or something fun. It was just totally bizarre. And the injectables are needle-less so that wasn’t the issue either!” —Felissa A, @SportsGalNYC. These are the items most likely to get you flagged by the TSA.

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beltTatiana Chekryzhova/Shutterstock


“We had just arrived in New York and were getting ready to go out to dinner. Paul was getting dressed and asked me what I did with his belts. I remember we had packed two belts (black and brown) and I recalled putting them in a corner of the suitcase. Both were gone. Some really skinny guy must have needed his pants held up.” —Les

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shoesNelli Syrotynska/Shutterstock

Toddler shoes

“My toddler’s sneakers. They were Jordans and I was super pissed. I had gotten them cheap but that’s not the point. Who needs toddler-sized Jordans so badly?” Dara K. Ever wondered what happens to the things left in those plastic TSA bins? You’ll be shocked by how much loose change the TSA gets to keep every year.

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glitterGolden Shrimp/Shutterstock


“I had packed three giant tubs of glitter for a photo shoot—and only two made it to my destination!” —Loni V.

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guitarSergey Shubin/Shutterstock

Guitar parts

“When I flew my guitar for a tour and my band went to practice, I got it out of the case and there was a TSA slip… and then I realized that they had taken apart my guitar and sort of loosely put it back together. It was a mess! You can’t just do that! I was livid. Luckily there was a guitar tech where we were practicing so I could pay to fix it, but I’m still angry about it.” —Crystal B. Check out the little things everyone is guilty of stealing.

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“A souvenir jar of Lilikoi Jelly mysteriously disappeared from my carry-on at the Big Island, Hawaii airport after the TSA agent looked through my bag and mentioned that it was his favorite flavor.” —Vicki A.

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Designer Watches

“I once had two empty Cartier watch boxes appear in my luggage. Yikes! Someone was missing a few expensive items! And another time, an ex of mine SWEARS that the black bra and panty I found in his luggage when I was unpacking it from a trip for him was planted by the TSA.” —Diana B. Don’t miss the most expensive things that have ever been stolen.

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“What about when I landed in France and had SOMEONE ELSE’s LAPTOP IN MY SUITCASE? Then did some FBI work and got it back to him in the USA… he didn’t have much on the computer—a dirty pic and only one work thing!” —Mimi Banks

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“One time when I was headed to Cabo, my jewelry and my travel jewelry roll in general (nothing super expensive—I was a college kid at the time) disappeared. It was replaced with a hunters flap hat and fishing lures. I was so confused.” —Rachel Costello. Check out these things you can take from your hotel room.

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vibratorVictor Moussa/Shutterstock


“My brand-spanking-new vibrator disappeared from my bag. I was so mad! It cost like $140. I didn’t even get to use it first!” —Tiffany L.

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Flip flops

“Once I had someone’s dirty rubber flip-flop placed in my suitcase by TSA. Ick.” —Brenda Halles. These prohibited items are the least likely to get confiscated by the TSA.

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Zip ties

“A bag of 1,000 white plastic zip ties disappeared mysteriously from my luggage. Every. Single. One.” —Andy S. Aside from your collection of zip ties, here’s what a TSA agent first notices about you.

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foundationAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

High-end cosmetics

“My Marc Jacobs coconut primer and foundation was gone. Everything else was left in my makeup bag.” —Makeda A.

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makeupAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

…Or any cosmetics

“All my makeup was stolen out of my bag coming home from Burning Man. The entire fully stocked makeup bag.” —Alana Winter. Next, read about the things your TSA security agent isn’t telling you.

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