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How Jane Seymour Makes 68 Look Like 50

The beloved actress and former Bond Girl shares how she defies the hands of time with a zest for life and a whole lot of heart.

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In demand and better than ever

Hollywood isn’t exactly known for embracing women over a certain age. Proving that life and career can continue to thrive well beyond industry expectations is legendary actress Jane Seymour, whose prolific work lends itself to one of the lengthiest IMDB pages you’ll find. Seymour, who recently turned 68 and has never looked better, is consistently sought after for roles, including the second season of the award-winning Netflix series The Kominsky Method. What’s the secret to her age-defying success? RD caught up with Seymour to find out.

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Keep the peace

It’s easy to get caught up in life’s day-to-day stress, but Seymour understands the benefits of keeping those anxieties at bay. “I find that I’m at my best when I take time out for daily meditation and, when possible, indulge in a long walk near a body of water,” she says. “I find it peaceful and it gives me a recharge of positive energy.” If you’re looking to avoid anti-aging pitfalls, here are 10 pieces of advice you can safely ignore.

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Be sun smart

Time and time again you’ve heard the same very simple beauty advice: Use sunscreen. If you’re still leaving the house without a proper application of SPF, maybe Seymour, who is glowing as she nears 70, will inspire you. At the top of her beauty must-haves list is Sunleya SPF 15 by Sisley for daily face protection so she doesn’t have to rely on using a heavy base to cover imperfections caused by sun exposure. “I like to look as natural as possible,” she says.

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Lash out

Nothing makes one look bright and wide-eyed better than a gorgeous pair of lashes. Seymour focuses on hers to make the eyes pop without going heavy on other makeup. “I swear by Charlotte Tilbury mascara,” she shares. When Seymour wants a more dramatic effect, Ardel individual lashes are her go-to’s. Check out the mistakes that can actually ruin your eyelashes.

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Find your fitness

One of the caveats of a busy acting career is that Seymour is constantly on the move. Still, she finds ways to add exercise to her day no matter her location. “I do The Perfect Workout for 20 minutes twice a week and walk fast for one hour three times a week,” she says. Additionally, the actress adds in Pilates, Gyrotonics, and a little spinning when her schedule allows. “Sometimes I do ballet exercises wherever I am, even at airports waiting for luggage!”

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Keep it clean

Following the old adage, “You are what you eat,” Seymour keeps her diet pretty clean, incorporating lots of vegetables, fish, and chicken. “I don’t eat a lot of meat or fat,” she confesses. “I will have cheese occasionally, and if I do eat dessert, I’ll just have a few tastes.” Check out these 50 healthy eating tips for living longer.

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Back to basics

Despite all of the latest and greatest in health and wellness available to celebrities, Seymour sticks to the tried and true basics when it comes to giving her body what it needs to keep up with her busy schedule. “I drink a lot of water, and if I feel like I want to detox, I drink water with lemon juice and lemon rind in it,” she says. Additionally, she tries to eat earlier in the evening as opposed to later meals. Don’t miss these 12 amazing benefits of lemon water you never knew.

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Eat your vitamins

Vitamins and supplements can be a great addition to a well-balanced diet, but nothing can replace the benefits of getting your nutrients through actual food. “People think if you take the vitamins, you don’t have to eat the food. But some vitamins disappear from your system,” Seymour says. “I believe when I eat fresh greens, blueberries, and fresh fish, those nutrients hit my system better.”

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Balance is best

Seymour doesn’t try to deprive herself of anything, but when it comes to indulgences, she keeps a rational frame of mind. You’re unlikely to find her bingeing on a big dessert after a meal. “I’m a big believer in everything in moderation, so I’m not so focused on the treats,” she says.

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Expensive treatments aren’t always the answer

If you read beauty magazines or watch entertainment news shows, there’s a huge emphasis on the hottest new way to slim down, tone up, or achieve a younger look with any number of pricey treatments and procedures. While Seymour could have plenty of access to those things, she skips ’em. “I don’t do any treatments, I don’t go to a dermatologist, I don’t have any of those things done. No peels, no nothing,” she says. These 13 natural remedies can help slow the aging process.

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Her perfect product

So how does a woman who seemingly defies aging do it, if not with the lasers and the peels and the whatnot? There’s one product she truly stands by, so much so that she’s even the spokesperson for it. “The first time I used Crepe Erase, I didn’t think it was going to work,” she admits. “I had immediate results, and I went to work out and my trainer said to me: ‘What have you done? You must have had a peel because your skin looks amazing.'”

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Comfortable in her skin

As if that wasn’t enough, another professional who gets up-close-and-personal with Seymour had a similar reaction. “My massage therapist said the same thing. He massages all of the famous people who are half my age and he said their skin isn’t as good as mine,” she says. “I told him about Crepe Erase, and then he took a tub of it and started using it on very famous people who I can’t mention. All I can say is that it works. I’ve been using it for about five years now.” Read up on 12 things you should never, ever do to your skin according to dermatologists.

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Mother knows best

At the end of the day, what really gives Seymour that coveted glow comes from the inside, and she can thank her mom for that. “My mother always taught me that when you’re feeling at your worst, reach out to help someone else. There’s always someone worse off than you are and the positive impact of assisting someone in need is a feeling that boosts your overall spirit and well being.” Next, read on to find out how at 65 Christie Brinkley looks half her age.