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20 Best Jewelry Organizers for All Your Favorite Baubles

If your jewelry collection could use some straightening out, these are the best organizers to get the job done.

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Say goodbye to dresser mess

Cluttered. Tangled. Hard to sort through. If those words describe your jewelry collection, you have a bigger problem than you realize. If you don’t organize your jewelry properly, you’ll have a hard time finding what you want when you want it, which will tack on time to your morning routine and leave lots of options unworn. But worse than that, when you toss your items together without utilizing smart jewelry storage ideas, you run the risk that sensitive metals and stones will get scratched and that chains will get broken when you eventually attempt to unknot them. The bottom line: Learning how to organize your baubles with the best jewelry organizers is just as important as learning how to organize your closet.

Whether you have a jumbled mess or you just can’t conceptualize how to make your space better, we have the perfect ideas for you. From stackable trays and pretty jewelry stands to wall-mounted jewelry holders and mirrored armoires with loads of secret space, these solutions work for any room and any jewelry collection. Once you’ve learned how to protect your investment, tackle your other accessories with these clever purse storage ideas and shoe storage ideas. You’ll be so glad you did—and wonder why on earth you didn’t do it sooner.

Umbra Gold Tribeca Necklace Standvia

Best necklace organizer: Umbra Gold Tribeca Necklace Stand

Do you really need an organizer just for your necklaces? In a word: Yes. If you don’t have one, you run the risk of tangling and knotting your necklaces (and wasting hours trying to undo those tangles and knots), as well as possibly breaking the delicate chains in the process. Plus, when your necklaces are all jumbled together, it’s easy to forget exactly what you have. This stand from the Container Store lets you hang chokers, pendants, and assorted neckpieces in one handy spot. Three graduated tiers (the tallest measuring 18.5 inches) work for even the longest baubles, and it’s sturdy enough for statement necklaces, too. This stand works best when placed on a vanity or dresser top; the base is only 9 inches by 4 inches, so it doesn’t take up a lot of room. If you’re looking for more jewelry to organize, check out the best affordable jewelry so you can keep up with the trends.

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7th Velvet 3 Tiers Bracelet Holdervia

Best bracelet holder: 7th Velvet Bracelet Stand

Don’t skip slipping on your bracelets because you don’t know where they are—and definitely don’t run the risk of damaging them in a filled-to-the-brim jewelry box. Delicate tennis bracelets and chunky bangles can be tricky to store, with smaller pieces getting lost under oversize ones and charms potentially bending and breaking off. Secure your pieces on the bars of this luxurious-looking three-layer velvet organizer. There’s space for up to 30 of your favorites, with each bar able to hold up to 10 bracelets and watches. It also provides easy access to whatever you want, since you simply slide them off—and off you go! Here are more organizing ideas you’ll wish you knew all along.

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Homeit Jewelry Organizervia

Best earring organizer: HomeIT Organizer

No more fishing for matching earrings! Get the right organizer and all of your studs, hoops, and dangly chandeliers will be right there when you need them. With holes for studs and hooks for hoops, this boutique-style acrylic jewelry organizer gives each and every one of your earrings its own home. Organize up to 140 pairs with this user-friendly piece; the four-panel, space-saving design can be expanded as needed. Bonus: Its minimalist design blends in with any decor.

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Ring Organizer Display Casevia

Best ring box: Hivory Ring Case

Laying rings in a drawer or tray makes it difficult to tell them apart. But with this spacious ring box, you’ll see exactly what you have and keep them safe and dust-free. Simply organize rings face-up in the 11 rows of padded dividers and you’ll fit a whopping 120 pieces. Bonus: You won’t even have to open this jewelry box to see what’s in there because it has a clear top, making it even simpler to decide how you want to accessorize. Accessorizing, by the way, is a great strategy for livening up a capsule wardrobe.

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Ackitry Jewelry Organizer Stand Display Treevia

Best all-in-one jewelry organizer: Ackitry Jewelry Tree

If you don’t have a lot of room on your dresser or simply don’t want to streamline your jewelry storage system, you’ll want a good multitasking option. That’s where a sturdy tabletop “jewelry tree” comes in. It puts all of your baubles on display—and keeps them all in one place. This all-in-one display features a standing five-tiered rack on top of three drawers, and for such a compact piece, it has a surprising amount of storage. It has a valet tray, ring slots, and spots for twenty-seven pairs of earrings, as well as two adjustable stands for even your longest necklaces.

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Ophelia And Co Deluxe Wall Mounted Jewelry Holdervia

Best wall-mounted jewelry organizer: Ophelia & Co. Jewelry Holder

Your pieces are pretty, sparkly, and stunning. Display them like the little works of art that they are on your wall! This is also a perfect choice if you don’t have a lot of room on top of your dresser. Although it looks great hanging next to your other decor, you could also follow one of the best small closet ideas and hang the jewelry rack on the back of a closet door. With this Ophelia & Co. organizer, 58 pairs of earrings stay matched up in slots, and hooks keep longer earrings or even necklaces tidy and tangle-free.

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Costway Lockable Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Armoire Organizer Wall Doorvia

Best over-the-door cabinet: Costway Lockable Mirror Jewelry Armoire

Think of all the space you’re not utilizing behind your doors in your bedroom, bathroom, or closet. Put it to work with this over-the-door jewelry cabinet. The full-size mirror has it pulling double-duty since you can pull out a piece and see how it looks with your ensemble right away—or just use it on its own, of course. And that’s not the only reason you’ll love this piece: 12 LED lights illuminate the interior when you open the door, making it easy to locate what you’re looking for, and oxidation-resistant velvet liners help prevent your collection from tarnishing. Plus, there’s a whole lot of storage is packed into one space-saving, lockable cabinet, which boasts five lined shelves, 18 hooks, 60 ring slots, a makeup mirror, and four storage shelves.

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Rebrilliant Reiber 40 Pockets Hanging Organizervia

Best jewelry hanger: Rebrilliant Reiber Hanging Organizer

Store your gems and jewels out of sight with this jewelry hanger. One of the best closet organizers you can buy, the Reiber is two-sided, so it gives you twice the storage—making it a great solution if you have lots of accessories but don’t have a ton of dresser or drawer space. The flat organizer easily slips into a crowded closet or hangs from a hook on the back of the bedroom or bathroom door, and the hanger rotates for easy browsing. Secure your collection of earrings, necklaces, brooches, and bracelets in the 40 individual clear pockets and 20 hook-and-loop straps. The best part is the easy-view pockets, which allow you to grab what you need and go.

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Closetmaid Suitesymphony Jewelry Accessory Trayvia

Best jewelry drawer organizer: ClosetMaid SuiteSymphony

If you have the space, you’ll love this idea. A smart walk-in closet organization idea is to use the closet-system drawers for organizing your jewelry. The only problem is that your pieces will get tossed around without dividers to keep them in place. That’s where this in-drawer jewelry organizer tray comes in. It has large spaces for different types of statement necklaces, bracelets, and whatever else makes up your collection. Don’t have a whole system in place? Don’t worry. This stand-alone piece works just as well in a dresser drawer or vanity, keeping your jewels sorted and your dresser top clutter-free.

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Mebbay Stackable White Velvet Jewelry Traysvia

Best stackable jewelry box: Mebbay Velvet Jewelry Trays

So much jewelry, so little space! If that describes your situation, you’ll want to stock up on stacking trays. And within each individual tray, adjustable dividers will allow you to customize the storage, creating just the right size compartments to fit your needs. Have a larger bangle bracelet? Simply remove a divider. If you have smaller charm bracelets, add in extra dividers. And if you need more storage space, keep stacking! Plus, stacking trays are a smart way to rotate your collections by season; out-of-season pieces go in the bottom tray, and all you have to do is swap the order when the next one rolls around. This glass-covered Mebbay set includes three trays for necklaces, rings, and assorted pieces.

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Winston Porter Valet Jewelry Organizer Trayvia

Best jewelry tray organizer: Winston Porter Valet Tray

There’s no lid to lift, and no drawer to open. All you have to do is drop your everyday pieces in this open-face valet tray for safekeeping. Use it to declutter the top of your dresser, nightstand, or vanity, and provide a softly lined place for your rings, watches, and more. This wood tray by Winston Porter has four separate compartments, including a spot to charge your phone.

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Homeit Wooden Jewelry Box Organizervia

Best jewelry box: HomeIT Wooden Jewelry Box

The traditional jewelry box gets an upgrade with rich cherry construction in this new classic. Sort your collection by category, and store each grouping in its own drawer or compartment—but keep it all in one place. Vintage-style drawer pulls add an elegant touch to this model that also makes a great gift for her.

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Costway Led Jewelry Armoire Cabinetvia

Best standing armoire: Costway Jewelry Armoire Cabinet with Bevel Edge Mirror

This will be your bedroom’s best-kept secret—and smartest storage spot. This elegant piece of furniture will blend right in with your bedroom set, and of course, you’ll get a full-length, tiltable mirror to go with it. At 61 inches tall, it’s a sizable armoire that’s designed for maximum storage with five lines for earrings, 23 hooks, 60 ring slots, and three shelves—all covered in an oxidation-resistant velvet lining. And with its built-in LED lighting system, all of your pieces will shine. How can you illuminate the rest of your things? Try these closet lighting ideas for every type of closet.

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Charlotte Jewelry Armoire With Mirrorvia

Best tabletop armoire: Charlotte Jewelry Armoire

If you love the functionality of an armoire but don’t have floor space for the full-sized one, this mini tabletop version is a perfect fit. It’s available in walnut, black, ivory, and weathered finishes, so you’re sure to find one that matches your style. The mirrored door opens to a velvet-lined interior and keepsake board. A padded ledge secures rings while making them easily accessible, and the hooks for hanging and earring slots provide everything else you’ll need.

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Zodaca Gold Ceramic Ring Holdervia

Best trinket dish: Zodaca Ceramic Ring Holder

A trinket dish gives you a place to keep your everyday jewelry between wears while keeping your vanity or nightstand clutter-free. No more panicking over misplaced rings—this little birdie will keep watch over them. As cute as it is practical, this jewelry dish has enough space for bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and watches. Leave trinket dishes where you need them most: dressers, nightstands, coffee tables, washrooms, bathrooms, and your kitchen.

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Novica Decorative Wood Decoupage Jewelry Boxvia

Best artisan-crafted box: NOVICA Decorative Wood Decoupage Jewelry Box

Art and organization come together in this handmade decoupage jewelry box. This unique organizer comes with an official NOVICA story card certifying quality and authenticity, and it’s produced in association with National Geographic. Featuring a hinged lid with an interior mirror, this jewelry box has a narrow compartment that’s perfect for storing earrings and a lower drawer for all of your go-to pieces.

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Mele & Co Jayson Glass Top Wooden Watch Boxvia

Best watch organizer: Mele & Co. Jayson Watch Case

Make it easy to find the perfect timepiece to complement any outfit in your closet by storing watches in a case with a glass lid. Plus, storing them in their own case will help keep them scratch- and dust-free. This sturdy mahogany finished wood box from Mele & Co. does just that. As elegant as it is practical, it keeps your favorite 10 watches on display.

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Write Your Own Small Engraved Mirrored Jewelry Boxvia

Best personalized jewelry box: Engraved Mirrored Jewelry Box

If you’re looking for a sweet, sentimental, and personalized gift, you’ve found it. This engravable mirrored box protects and organizes treasures while reminding that special someone just how much they mean to you every time they open it. Have the box personalized with any six-line message, or add your favorite quote. And if you really want to splurge, fill it with a special new bauble. Lined in black velvet, it has three compartments and a removable ring storage tray.

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Plush Velvet Travel Jewelry Box Organizervia

Best travel jewelry organizer: Benevolence LA Store Velvet Travel Jewelry Box

Add this mini travel organizer to your packing list today. The next time you’re about to jet off, make sure your jewelry is stored securely—so it doesn’t get tangled or lost, and so that you can safely pack it in your carry-on. Necklace clips keep your chains tangle-free, deep compartments hold bracelets, and it also has room for multiple pairs of earrings. And because it’s hard-sided, it won’t get smashed in your luggage.

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Sentrysafe Sf123es Fireproof Safe With Digital Keypadvia

Best fire-resistant vault: SentrySafe Fireproof Safe with Digital Keypad

A fire can be devastating, and it can be even more devastating when you lose high-priced treasures and irreplaceable keepsakes. That’s why you’ll want a fire-resistant home safe—which, by the way, can also thwart thieves. Certified to keep your valuables protected in up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit for up to an hour, it will keep your valuables are safe, even when you’re away from home. Plus, it has a pry-resistant hinge, four locking bolts, and your own digital combination code for strong security. Next, check out the best closet systems to organize your space.

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