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44 Funny 4th of July Memes to Celebrate Independence Day

These Independence Day memes will make you spit out your liber-tea.

Man wearing American flag and riding bike with meme text: "On my way to check out RD's Fourth of July memes"
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You probably have many activities on your 4th of July agenda: a barbecue, a day at the beach, and maybe even a 4th of July bash to keep the celebration going through the evening. Regardless of your ideas for the greatest summer weekend, you’ll definitely want to keep your friends and family laughing.

These July 4th memes are for everyone and will definitely at least crack a few smiles. There are some jokes and quotes about the signing of the Declaration of Independence and our Founding Fathers for the history buffs, and some summer barbecue jokes for those who just appreciate a day off. Wave the flag and pick your favorite 4th of July meme to share with your friends to get everyone in the patriotic mood. You may even be able to use some of these memes (or even summer memes) as inspiration for your 4th of July Instagram captions.

Meme text: British: Saying you’re independent doesn’t make it true. Thomas Jefferson: But I didn’t say it. I declared it.
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The Declaration of Independence

Hence, the name of the document. If you need a refresher, learn the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

group of people watching and recording fireworks
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Pictures just don’t do them justice, but pairing the videos with a 4th of July song might.

Meme text: It’s not you. It’s U.S.
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The fundamental breakup

We just need a break—hence, why Independence Day was born.

Dogs Preparing For The Fourth Of July
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Think of the pups

Anyone have some noise-canceling headphones? If you’re wondering, this is why dogs are so scared of fireworks.

dog dressed for 4th of july with american flag
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Also likes bones and stealing hot dogs from human plates.

woman on a date at a bar with a drink smiling at someone
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Let freedom ring

This is a dad joke if I’ve ever heard one.

No Knock Knock Jokes About America That's Because Freedom Rings
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Ring, ring!

My country, ’tis of thee. Who doesn’t love a good dog meme?

Independence Day The Day Will Smith Saved Us From The Aliens
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Independence Day

And don’t forget Jeff Goldblum. This is one of the best patriotic movies, in my personal opinion.

Meme text: When you remember you have to go back to work after the long weekend
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Long weekends are too short

Let’s bring the office to the beach.

Sending Prayers To That Untouched Bowl Of Potato Chips At The Bbq
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You know the one

They’re usually Ruffles.

Meme text: Land of the furry, and home of the brave
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The bravest

Let freedom bark.

Dad Showing Other Dads Photos Of What He Grilled Over The Weekend
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The group chat is blowing up

Wish you could’ve been there!

Meme text: Cheers to those born on the Fourth… and who believed the fireworks for them throughout all of childhood.
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An honest mistake

Hey, maybe the fireworks weren’t for them, but I’m sure they would appreciate a 4th of July getaway.

Meme text: Just remember, you can never be too patriotic
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Red, white, and blue

Clearly, it’s adorable—just like these other cat memes.

Meme text: America: Color, favorite, flavor, neighbor. England: Colour, favourite, neighbour. America: Time to go.
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How do you spell…?

This is a valid argument.

eme text: Did somebody say BBQ?
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Smells like summer

Somebody definitely said barbecue.

I Got 99 Problems But A King Aint One
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King George III

Stick to England, sir. By the way, do you know how many signatures are on the Declaration of Independence?

Meme text: Browsing through everyone’s firework pictures before bed
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There are so many

And they really all look the same after a while.

Meme text: Thomas Jefferson on July 3, 1776: Wait, that’s due tomorrow?
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Friendly reminder

Do you think the Founding Fathers were procrastinators?

Saw The Liberty Bell And Its Really Not All Its Cracked Up To Be
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Get it?

Who doesn’t love a good pun in their funny Fourth of July meme?

Meme text: Grilling me softly
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A classic tune

Add this to your Fourth of July playlist ASAP.

Meme text: Must perform 2-3 clicks before usage
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It’s mandatory

Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Thank Goodness Our Founding Fathers Didnt Declare Independence In The Winter
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Can you imagine?

What would we even do? If this resonates with you, you’ll love these vacation memes.

Meme text: Take a load off. Have a kebab.
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Sit back and relax

Time to celebrate America.

meme text: All Of Your Bffs Posing For The Annual 4th Of July Ph
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For Instagram

And Facebook, of course.

meme text: Checking To See How Many Hot Dogs Are Left On The Grill
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Be still

Try not to seem too eager. See where you can find the best hot dog near you.

meme text: The Longest Running Argument Which Flavor Is Best?
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The ultimate debate

Blue, obviously. Another big debate: who has the best burger in each state.

meme text: Don't Forget To Leave Cookies Out For Captain America
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Oh wait, wrong holiday.

meme text: Watch Out! It's Sunburn Season!
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What time is it?

Make sure to reapply that sunscreen. And then again. And again after that.

meme text: When Someone Asks You To Keep An Eye On The Grill
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How long?

Leave it to the professionals.

meme text: The Most Important Pool Float
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Just chilling

We must protect the drinks at all costs.

meme text: There Is Always That One
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Every year

They just can’t help themselves. Make sure you also check out these travel jokes before your next trip to the pool.

meme text: Me First In Line For A Burger
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Fresh off the grill.

meme text: When you finally emerge from the air conditioning to go outside
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Pale as ever

But only for a few minutes. It’s too hot. These beach puns are shore to make you laugh.

Declaration Of Independence Of Top Of American Flag
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We hold these truths

This is goodbye.

Gettyimages 97454532 Woman With A Sunburn Text Going Back To Reality After The Long Weekend Can We Work From The Pool Today
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No thanks

Can we work from the pool today?

Gettyimages 147984927 Group Of Dogs Text Its The Worst Day Of The Year For Us
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Too loud

The fireworks can be scary, but for the humans, see where you can find the best firework display near you.

Gettyimages 575338385 Girl Dressed For Fourth Of July Text When Someone Asks If You're Ready For The 4th Of July I Have Never Been More Ready
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Am I ready, you ask?

I have never been more ready.

Gettyimages 81859967 Girl Stretching In Bed Waking Up For 4th Of July
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It’s time

A day of beer, barbecue, and fun.

Gettyimages 500046543 4th Of July Party Text You're A Real Firecracker You Really Crack Me Up
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I’m exploding with laughter

You really crack me up.

Gettyimages 1097547990 Fireworks On The 4th Of July Text All Your Neighbors At Midnight On The 4th
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Please, no

A night of little sleep. Find out if fireworks are legal or illegal in your state.

Gettyimages 470046956 A Woman In Swimsuit Sunbathing On A Long Chair On The Beach
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Just lounging

Hanging out on a beach chair…nothing to see here.

Gettyimages 1222811195 Smiling Woman Enjoying Glass Of Wine While Watching Sunset From Backyard
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Talk to you next week

Setting the out of office message as we speak.

Gettyimages 1301080368 4th Of July Themed Burger And Hot Dog Meal On Paper Plate
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Just have both.

To keep the fun going after these Independence Day memes, try out some of these 4th of July party games.

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