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8 Last-Minute (and Super Easy!) Christmas Centerpieces

When it comes to fast and easy time-savers like these stunning table trims, holiday hosts and hostesses will want to look this way.

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christmasCourtesy Take Time for Style

Bowl them over…

…with this festive and easy-to-make centerpiece. Start with a simple wreath and add colorful holly berries and poinsettia balls, available at most craft stores. Top it all off with a bowl full of jingle bells, ornaments, potpourri, or the decoration of your choice. Whatever you choose, this centerpiece spreads the message: it’s clearly Christmas! Check out the full tutorial on Take Time for Style. Plus, here are some fun facts you never knew about the holiday season.

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christmasCourtesy Kim Demmon Today’s Creative Life

 Make the season bright…

…with a merry arrangement of cranberry-topped mason jars. Fill them with a layer of cedar, or any other (waterproof) green accoutrements, to give them that Christmas-y red-and-green look. (Here’s how red and green became Christmas colors in the first place!) Finally, shed a little light on the subject with some miniature votive candles—yes, small ones will float! Check out the full tutorial on Today’s Creative Life.

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christmasCourtesy Lisa Tutman-Oglesby from

 Scent of the season

Take a simple candle and give it some sweet-smelling holiday flair. You can find cinnamon sticks at a craft store, and you can use a rubber band to secure them to the candle while you glue them on. Add a decorative wraparound to hide the rubber band—anything from burlap to Christmas ribbon will do—and you’ve got an easy centerpiece that’ll make your home smell like Christmas! See the full project on Celebrate Creativity. Check out these other easy ways to make your home smell like the holidays.

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christmasCourtesy Melanie Blodgett

 Dazzling holiday style

Put a unique and stylish twist on a traditional table runner with this sleek design. Use some thin felt garland and lay it across the table, putting ornaments, tissue paper, and other Christmas-y favors on alternating sides. We love the simplicity of this white-and-turquoise design, but feel free to mix and match any colors you choose. Check out the full design—and matching party poppers!—at You Are My Fave. Once you’re done with the table, decorate your mantel with one of these simple but effective ideas.

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 Glasses with class

Turn the wine glasses sitting in your cabinet into a charming (and very easy!) decoration. Fill them with small ornaments or baubles in a certain color scheme and place them right-side-up, upside-down, or some of both. Feel free to add accessories to your heart’s content—this photo uses miniature tea lights and faux snow to create the full effect. See the full instructions on Plus, here are some other ways to use your Christmas ornaments for decorating (besides on the tree).

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christmasCourtesy Linda Braden It All Started With Paint.

Kiss-mas trees

A cute and festive centerpiece is as close as your grocery store, where you can pick up a bag of Christmas-wrapped Hershey kisses and some toothpicks. Pick up some pretty red-and-green construction paper (and tape) and you’ve got all you need for these adorable centerpieces. Cut the construction paper into triangles, tape them to a toothpick, and stick the toothpicks into the tops of the tastiest tree stumps ever. If you so choose, these could also make great take-home favors. View the full instructions on It All Started With Paint. Here are some clever, expert-approved ways to store your Christmas decorations.

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christmasCourtesy Kierste Design Co

Striped Candle Sticks

These larger-than-life candlesticks add Christmas cheer to any table setting. Each candle here is a piece of a 4×4 post, decorated with spray paint and twine. Place miniature battery-operated tea lights into the top of the “candles” after drilling small holes in the top. Since drilling and sanding are required, this project does take a bit more handiwork than most of the others. However, the blogger still claims that the entire project took a single afternoon. See more detailed instructions on Simply Kierste Design. Make sure you’re not making these 10 dangerous decorating mistakes.

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christmasCourtesy Mary McCachern Home is where the boat is

Plaid tidings

This natural, homey centerpiece uses evergreen branches to create a festive feel. Tuck some pine cones, apples, and/or candles around the evergreen garland and you’ll have a Christmas-ready table in no time. This picture uses a plaid motif with plaid-themed Christmas ornaments to complement the tablecloth, but the color scheme is up to you, of course! Check out Home is Where the Boat Is to see the full instructions, as well as some more crafty suggestions for a full table setting.

Beyond the tabletop, here are some more easy Christmas decorations to get your home in the holiday spirit.

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