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18 of the Dreamiest Lavender Farms Around the World

Rolling hills of lavender are breathtaking around the world.

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Lavender flowers blooming fields. Valensole Provence, France
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Rows of lavender

The lavender plant is aptly named after the beautiful color of its leaves. There are 47 different species of the plant with the leaves ranging in shades of violet, lilac, and blue. They grow best in dry, well-drained, sandy soil and are commonly planted in home gardens and on lavender farms. They don’t need fertilizer or a lot of upkeep so they tend to grow in the wild as well because they spread from household gardens. In many countries, there are lavender farms, where the plant grows in rows. If you pick lavender of your own, here’s the best way to preserve a bouquet.

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Washington Island, Wisconsin, USA

Lavender isn’t just a beautiful plant (especially when grown on farms over vast landscapes), but it can also be good for your health and can be used in cooking. Try out lavender oil to harness the healing powers of this fragrant herb. It can also be used to repel mosquitoes and treat acne. Even though there are multiple benefits you can reap from this magic plant, the real beauty is seen when it is first being grown.

Country Woman, June 2017

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Courtesy Edgar-Anderson

Washington Island, Wisconsin, USA

Lavender plants are hung from the ceiling to be dried out. They will eventually be used in edible products and to create oils. These are the best national parks to visit for spring wildflowers.

Country Woman, June 2017

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Cutting Lavender

Harwich, Massachusetts, USA

This lavender farm in Cape Cod is a popular stop for those vacationing there in the summer. The family-owned farm has more than 7,000 plants and surrounded by conservation land that is filled with walking trails.

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Provence, Valensole Plateau, France

Valensole Plauteau is located in the south of France and its lavender fields cover over 300 square miles. The best time to visit is during the blooming season in July.

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Palisade, Colorado, USA lavender
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Palisade, Colorado, USA

Sage Creations Organic Farm in Colorado has rows of beautiful lavender with mountain views in the background. The farm offers tours and classes on how to craft with lavender.

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Burgas, Bulgaria

The end to a long day as a gorgeous sunset takes place over a lavender field in Burgas. These are the secrets your florist won’t tell you.

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Lavenders of Hvar
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Hvar Island, Croatia

On the island of Hvar, lavender naturally grows on the hillsides. The contrast of the turquoise waters that surround the island and the purple of the flowers is breathtaking.

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Bridestowe, Australia

This lavender farm in Bridestowe, Australia was inspired by the one in France. A perfumer brought lavender seeds over with him to Australia from the French Alps.

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The English Lavender Harvest
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Sutton, United Kingdom

A worker handpicks bunches of lavender at Mayfield Lavender Farm in Sutton, England. The lavender is made into essential oils, fudge, and biscuits. This particular farm has been growing lavender since the 17th century.

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Tomita Farm, in Furano, Japan

Tokuma Tomita started this farm in 1897 with his family. It struggled to stay alive when the demand for lavender fragrances declined but is now widely visited by photographers and travelers.

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Tihany, Hungary

Tihany is famous for its vast and beautiful lavender farms that bloom in the spring. There is a Lavender House Visitor Center where tourists can learn all about the region’s lavender culture.

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Tasmania, Australia

This lavender farm in Tasmania, Australia is nestled within the forest. Gorgeous shades of purple mix with the green of the trees and the blue of the sky.

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Sequim, Washington, USA

This farm in Sequim, Washington is called Purple Haze and it’s open all year round. Visitors are encouraged to come and enjoy the farm and try their famous lavender ice cream. Check out these national parks in full bloom.

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Montague, California, USA
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Montague, California, USA

The rows of lavender at Mt. Shasta Lavender Farm sit right below the mountain. During peak season, visitors are allowed onto the farm to cut their own lavender.

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North Carolina, USA

This is the first farm of its kind in North Carolina. They have a line of natural products for your body, the garden, your home, and weddings. These spectacular photos of America’s national parks will leave you awestruck.

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lavender field
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Victoria, Australia

Warratina Lavender Farm in Victoria Australia is about an hour outside Melbourne in the Yarra Valley. Guests can visit to walk among the rows of lavender. There is also a gift shop with lots of purple, lavender-scented goodies.

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Hitchin, Hertfordshire

This lavender farm, located close to both London and Cambridge has 25 miles of lavender rows. They also grow sunflowers and wildflowers.

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Mt Hood, Hood River, Oregon, USA

This farm is located right below Mt. Hood. The soil, altitude, and water make a combination perfect for growing lavender. For more gorgeous landscapes, take a look at these 50 jaw-dropping photos of the world’s most beautiful countries.

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