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4 Brilliant Uses for Pesky Scraps of Leftover Wrapping Paper

Don't even think about throwing them away!

creative-uses-scraps-wrapping-paper-Julie-Woodfield-jswfield.blogspot.comCourtesy Julie Woodfield (

Make festive (and frugal) bows

Store-bought bows are expensive. So we were thrilled to find out you can make your own using wrapping paper. All you’ll need is a rectangle of giftwrap and a pair of scissors (the instructions call for curling the paper just as you would a piece of ribbon—genius!). Use your bows atop presents wrapped in matching paper, or craft them now to use throughout the year on other gifts. Find the full tutorial at Simply Julie. Here are more ways to put wrapping paper to good use.

creative-uses-scraps-wrapping-paper-One-Good-Thing-by-JilleeCourtesy One Good Thing by Jillee

Shred confetti

Simply run your leftover wrapping paper through a paper shredder to create festive confetti. You can also use the shredded pieces as packing materials for fragile gifts or decorations. Find the full tutorial at One Good Thing by Jillee.

creative-uses-scraps-wrapping-paper-Lindsey-Rose-Johnson-for-DesignMom.comCourtesy Lindsey Rose Johnson for

Protect those textbooks

With the second half of the school year staring soon, your child might be taking home a few new books. Protect them from spills and sticky fingers alike with a wrapping paper book slip. Bonus points for a matching bookmark. Find the full tutorial at Design Mom.

creative-uses-scraps-wrapping-paper-Kelley-NanCourtesy Kelley Nan

Line a tray or drawer

Spruce up a bland tray or drawer by measuring a piece of wrapping paper to fit into the bottom, and taping it into place. Find a how-to at Kelley Nan.

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