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11 Lesser-Known Lawn Games We Love This Summer

Entertain the kids and impress your guests with these unique lawn games everyone will love.

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VivaSol Washer and Ring Toss with Carrying Casevia

Hook and Ring Toss

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Hook and Ring Toss, also called “Ringing the Bull,” is a popular bar game. Now you can play it on your patio! This fun, laid-back game involves swinging a ring that’s attached to a string and attempting to land it on the mounted hook. It doesn’t require much physical excursion, making it a perfect activity for when you’re relaxing and enjoying a beverage with friends. Keep the ball rolling with these fun backyard games for the whole family.

snap ball gamevia

Snap Ball Game

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Your kids will love this Snap Ball catch game because it’s impossible to miss the ball! A ball is threaded through two strings, and each player holds two ends. As one player spreads the two strings apart, the ball propels forward toward the other player. And back and forth it goes! It’s fun to see who can get the ball moving the fastest. When you start to get hot from all the excitement, try these kid-friendly water games to cool down.

dart ring tossvia

Darts Ring Toss

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Nothing like a good mash-up game to surprise your party guests. This Dart Ring Toss combines the traditional dartboard with ring toss. The result is a fun and challenging game that everyone will love. This set also includes a rule book with three gameplay ideas, as well as a dry-erase scoreboard so you can crown the ultimate ring-dart winner! Try these Wayfair items to make your backyard into an oasis.

bubble bounce house inflatablevia

Thunder Bubble Inflatables

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We have a feeling your tweens and teenagers will love these Thunder Bubble inflatables, but they might have to fight off the adults to get a turn! Two bubbles come with handles and padded shoulder pads for comfort. Put them on and become awesome bouncing buddies. You can play a silly game of soccer or simply get straight to the bumping action. Make sure you grab these amazing summer products before they sell out!

Kubb Swedish Outdoor Giant Gamevia

Kubb Set Game

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Kubb (pronounced “KOOB”) might be the oldest game you’ve never heard of. It’s a Swedish lawn game said to have been played all the way back to the time of the Vikings. Two teams have a row of blocks, called kubbs, on either side of the playing field. Each player tries to knock down the opposing team’s blocks by tossing wooden dowels. Just don’t hit the king in middle until the end! Kids and adults will love this addictive game. Make your backyard party the best it can be with these tips for a flawless day.

Slimeball Slingervia

Slimeball Slinger

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Your kids will love shooting slime balls across the yard with this Slimeball Slinger. The set comes with the slinger and two slime balls (don’t worry, they’re not really made from slime). Have one player sling the balls while the other kids try to catch them. Just make sure you have plenty of room, the slinger can shoot slime balls up to 30 feet! While this slime is fake, make sure your yard doesn’t look messy because of these common homeowner mistakes.

disc slam outdoor gamevia

Disc Slam

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Take disc throwing to the next level with this Disc Slam game. Two teams of two stand next to their disc slam targets. One player tries to throw their disc into the opposing team’s target, while the opponent tries to deflect it. You can set the targets up close for kids and space them out to a more challenging distance for adults. Make sure you have these things on hand for a safe (and fun) summer BBQ.

lawn gamevia

Bullseye Bash

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If you want a game for younger kids, check out Bullseye Bash. Players try to hit the targets with either the bow and arrows (safe suction cup arrows of course!) or the mini discs. Kids will love competing to see who can get the most targets. Plus, with each target worth a different value of points, they can practice their math skills by adding up the scores! If you’re into getting creative in the (outdoor) kitchen department, try these surprising foods you’d never think to grill.

Wicked Big Sports Supersized Pong Outdoor/Indoor Sport Tailgate Gamesvia

Supersized Pong

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Take pong to the next level with Supersized Pong! This game would be perfect for a backyard party, the beach, or a tailgating barbecue. Play the traditional pong rules, but with oversized 24-in. expandable “cups” and a large ball. We love that the set also comes with a handy carrying case.

Bean Bag Bucketzvia

Bean Bag Bucketz

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Everyone will love Bean Bag Bucketz! Play involves throwing 16 bags per round at buckets worth one to four points each; first to 21 points wins! We love that this unique game combines cornhole and disc golf into one fun activity. Happy reviewers say both kids and adults love it. One family even upped the excitement by putting cash winnings into each basket! Keep everyone safe amidst the fun by avoiding these common grilling mistakes.

jumbo pick up sticksvia

Jumbo Pick Up Sticks

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The classic game of pick up sticks has now gone jumbo—these sticks are 31-1/2-in. long! Simply dump the Jumbo Pick Up Sticks on the ground, and then each player tries to pick up a stick without moving the others. If the other sticks move, you don’t get the stick. If you successfully pick it up, you keep the stick and score! Different color sticks can be worth more or fewer points.

Because the sticks as so big and have pointy ends, even though the manufacturer says it’s safe for kids three and up, we suggest close supervision of younger kids with these sticks.

Rain clouds rolling in and the kids are getting angsty? Try these creative indoor activities to keep everyone happy.

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