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4 Cool Ways to Pack a Lunch

It's time to ditch that brown paper bag!

Black + Blum Lunch Pot

This is “the grown-up answer to the lunch box,” according to Fast Company. It’s modeled on the Japanese bento box. This version has two containers that stack easily and stay together via a sturdy strap. It even comes with a spork. $22,

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PlanetBox Basic raved about the stainless steel design and the five compartments that help keep your lunch items separate and organized—no plastic containers needed. $34.95 and up,

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Koko Kate Nylon Lunch Bag

What lunch box? This stylish drawstring tote looks more like a purse, notes the Wall Street Journal. It comes with a plastic fork and spoon and a water-bottle holder. $52,

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Built Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote test-drove several lunch containers and chose this as its top pick because it’s “flexible, accommodating, generous, and comfortable.” The fabric stretches, insulates, and is machine washable. $23 to $25,

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest