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7 Timeless Madonna Fashion Tips You Should Steal Today

Heed this fashion inspiration from the Material Girl.


A little lace goes a long way

The secret behind Madonna’s perfect balance of naughty and nice is simpler than you’d think: lace. From pink wedding dresses to dark fingerless gloves, Madonna made lace a staple of her wardrobe, and pretty soon, girls across the world were playing copycat. Luckily, lace never goes out of style and can add a note of timeless elegance to any piece. Try your own take on lace by donning a simple lace skirt, or tie on a lace headband for an extra pop! Don’t miss these timeless fashion tips from Jackie Kennedy or these style secrets from Princess Diana.


Pixie cut, please!

Flapper girls might have started the short hair trend back in the ’20s, but Madonna made it legendary 50 years later. The Material Girl cranked up her moody “bad girl” look a notch in her 1986 “Papa Don’t Preach” music video, where she debuted a leather biker jacket and a new shaggy, chopped mop. Whether you’re ready to lose the locks or just looking for a no-hassle ‘do, a pixie cut is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your inner rebel. This is what your hairstyle says about your personality.


All the headbands, all the time

No one can hear the name “Madonna” without thinking of the trademark cloth headbands that were always wrapped around her latest hairdo. Perm or pixie, the pop star basically pioneered this cheap, classic way to keep your hair back in the ’80s. Be daring and clip one of her giant, iconic bows on top of your head, or go subtle with a simple band.


Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

If there is one fashion lesson Madonna has taught us, it’s that you can never wear too much jewelry. Who can forget the one-earring phase, the rosary necklaces, or the layers upon layers of rubber bracelets? For the Material Girl, accessories were all about making a bold (and stylish!) statement. These little fashion tips can make you look expensive.


Look radical in Ray-Bans

Fashion can be as practical as it is glamorous. Madonna hardly ever stepped out on the town without a pair of Ray-Bans perched on her head, and they even popped up on the cover of her “Lucky Star” single, as well as in her movie Desperately Seeking Susan. Other style icons to make these shades popular in the ‘80s were Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson, and Debbie Harry.


Customize your crop top

Madonna was sporting her bare midriff long before crop tops showed up on this year’s summer scene. Her tummy-exposing assemblage often broadcasted cheeky slogans like “Boy Toy,” “Italians Do It Better,” or “Healthy.” In the midst of the summer heat, these tops are as cute as they are cool. For a more conservative look, pair them with a high-waisted pair of pants or skirt. Here are 23 tricks to flatten your belly (no exercise needed!).


Knee-highs should be sky-high

Later in her career, Madonna began adorning her legs in lace-up, knee-high boots. Thankfully, this slinky and sexy garb didn’t peak back in the days of perms and denim overalls; they’re beginning to pop up on shoe shelves around the world. Maybe it’s because of their magical leg-lengthening skills, or maybe it’s because they keep your legs extra warm in the winter, but these boots were definitely made for walking (and wearing). Here’s how to make your favorite boots last longer and look gorgeous.

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