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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

Listen Up, Maids of Honor: Not Following These 5 Rules Could Ruin the Wedding

The bride gave you a very important job, make sure that you don’t let her down and make her wedding day run as smoothly as it can.

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Always talk with your bride in person

Between texting, emails, and calling it seems like people rarely communicate in person anymore. “So much gets lost in translation,” said Brianne Vajaria, Owner and Lead Planner at Marquette Avenue Events in Chicago. It’s important to always meet with your bride in person and go over any plans or problems that may have come up. The bride is already overwhelmed enough, the last thing she needs is to misinterpret your text and panic about nothing. Make sure to also avoid these text message habits that annoy others.

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Be a team player

As a maid of honor you are the leader of the team that supports the brides—her bridesmaids. “Encouraging that team dynamic is very important,” says Vajaria. It’s your job to keep the bridesmaids happy and informed. As a maid of honor you should also work to be the hub of the group. Get everyone well-acquainted with each other, if they aren’t already, so that you guys can really be a cohesive team.

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Don’t complain

You’re here to support your friend on her special day. You knew that you were going to take on a lot of responsibility when you accepted your role as maid of honor, so no complaining allowed. Vajaria says to eliminate any kind of negative talk, especially gossip behind the bride’s back. If there are problems, work to solve them and only involve the bride if absolutely necessary.

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Share your opinions and be honest when given the opportunity

“If you have an opinion on a dress, say it respectfully and get it on the table,” says Vajaria. She says that it’s important to share your opinions when the bride gives you a chance to. As her maid of honor, she trusts what you have to say and wants you to be honest. If you don’t speak up about something, never bring it up once the bride has already made her decision. (Find out the secrets a wedding planner will never tell you.)

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Be supportive

Throughout the whole wedding planning process, but especially on the wedding day, always stay close to your bride to be ready to get her anything she needs. “Really be the person who is at the bride’s right hand,” says Vajaria. “If the bride needs assistance be able to deliver that.” Make sure you are there during the ceremony, entire reception, and even to clean things up after the happy couple sets off for their honeymoon. Speaking of the ceremony, find out why brides stand to the left at weddings.

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