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9 Sneaky Ways to Use Every Last Drop of Your Favorite Beauty Products

We've all been there: It's Monday morning and you're late too work when—darn!—you realize you're out of your favorite moisturizer. Not to worry, with these easy tips, you'll be using every last drop of your product while saving money in the process.


Finish off an entire tube of lipstick

When you find the perfect lipstick, you’ll want to use it all the way down to the nub. Instead of digging into the bullet with your pinky finger hoping to get one more layer of application out of it, try this trick from celebrity and runway makeup artist Lindsey Williams: Invest in a lip spatula to reach the lipstick and gloss at the bottom of the tube. “It’s worth figuring out how to get to the remaining product out, because there’s usually at least ¼ – ⅓ of lipstick still inside the tube once you are unable to apply the product directly to your lips.” Alternately, you could use a lipstick brush or, in a pinch, the non-fuzzy side of a Q-Tip you broke in half. Find out the lipstick shades every woman must own.


Use up all your cream products

Having trouble squeezing out the last few squirts of your favorite CC Cream or cream blush? A pair of scissors could make your beauty routine run smoothly. “For any product in a tube, I cut the crimped end of the tube off and scrape out the remaining product into either a plastic pill container with flip top lids or plastic pot.” shares Williams. You can then carry these handy containers in your purse or gym bag for quick touch ups throughout the day.

foundationjakkrit pimpru/Shutterstock

Reach the bottom of a foundation bottle

If you apply liquid foundation as part of your everyday routine, it’s bound to be one of the first beauty products that needs replacing. Instead of angrily tossing out that nearly-empty bottle, the first thing to do is dismantle the top of the bottle in any way you can. “Some bottles unscrew easily but some may have an outer ring or band that needs to be unscrewed first,” Williams says. “Once I remove the top or pump I will then put plastic wrap across the top of the bottle and use tiny ponytail elastics and turn the bottle upside down to let everything drip into a small plastic bag or container.” Here’s how to speed up your morning makeup routine.

fragranceUvarov Stanislav/Shutterstock

Finish off every fragrance bottle

It’s not fun getting down to the last spritz of your favorite perfume, especially if there’s a bit of fragrance left in the bottle that can’t quite make it through the dispenser. Make them last by adding them to your favorite body lotion or moisturizing hand cream. And just like that, you’ll have a custom scented lotion without spending any extra money. Here’s what your perfume says about your personality.


Get a glow out of old eye shadows

Repurpose your old eye shadows by using them in cool new ways, suggests Amanda Cadena, the makeup artist behind beauty YouTube channel TheThriftyMUA. “Create a pressed highlighter using glitter shadows and rubbing alcohol. You just crush the shadow powder and then add rubbing alcohol to it. Press it into an old makeup container using a paper towel, let it sit… and voila, you have a new highlighter!”


Loosen your products

If you have a stubborn bottle of foundation or liquid highlighter that needs thinning out, simply add a bit of oil to refresh the product and increase its longevity. “I get the last bit of product out of the container by flushing it out with vitamin E or coconut oil,” says Cadena. This will loosen up the product and make it easier for you to access. This is how to find the perfect foundation, according to makeup artists.

bathoilRobert Przybysz/Shutterstock

Make a bath extra special

Body oils are great for making your body looks sculpted this summer. Even if you used the bulk of the bottle at the beach, make sure you take it home to put those last illuminizing drops to good use. Tap the final last drops of body oil into a relaxing and cool bubble bath to give your skin a nourishing treat, without having to purchase any new bath products. Haven’t treated yourself to a bath since you were a kid? These are the benefits of taking a bath as an adult.


Use an old makeup sponge to apply polish

Ready to say “see ya!” to that old and stained Beauty Blender? Not so fast—there’s another way to make use of your makeup sponge once you’re done creating flawless foundation and eye shadow looks with it. In an interview with Beautylish, Rea Ann Silva, the founder of the Beauty Blender revealed, “Once you’re finished with your Beauty Blender, you can use it to create ombré nail designs.”

lipglossGeorge Rudy/Shutterstock

Make your lip gloss last

Don’t toss that gloss! When you find that the applicator can’t seem to grab the last bits of gloss sticking to the edges of the tube, place it in a cup of warm water to make the product easier to pick up.

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