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10 Tricks Beauty Pros Swear by to Keep Your Look Fresh from Day to Night

You don't have time to go home, but you don't have to settle for this bedraggled look you've got going on. Here's how to refresh on the quick.

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Preventative measures

Makeup that goes all day—and night—long, starts in the morning. Danielle Gray, beauty and fashion expert for The Style and Beauty Doctor blog, swears by using primer under her foundation. “My long-time go-to is Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Poreless Primer. I have oily skin and this is my fave for not only giving my makeup an amazing base so it looks better, but it keeps my makeup on longer—even cream formulas.” Another pro makeup tip: Your eye shadow will stay put longer, too, if you use an eye shadow base.

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Eye drama

Keeping a neutral eye shadow palette in your desk will make your day-to-night transition a breeze. “Just adding color to the outer crease of your eyes or on the lower lid will turn your look evening ready,” says DeAnna Diaz, makeup and skin artist from the beauty blog, PedalOnBeauty. “I like the MAC Eye Shadow x 15: Warm Neutral color palette because you can increase the intensity of color by going horizontally in the palette.”

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Refresh your mascara—no makeup remover required

If your mascara is looking a bit tired or clumpy after a long day, no need to break out the remover. Try this genius makeup tip from Justin Tyme, celebrity makeup artist: Swipe a conditioning lash primer through the lashes from roots to tips. “This will help break apart the existing mascara and give your lashes a little love in the process. Follow with your preferred mascara.”

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Fake awake

You may feel tired, but don’t let it show. “If you have dark under eye circles like I do, a refresher before cocktail hour is a must,” says Grace Gold, beauty and wellness expert. “I swear by NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer because you can touch up underneath the eyes without caking and the texture looks so fresh. I use my finger pads to apply this formula in a stippling motion; the warmth of my finger helps set the formula instantly.” Cohen/

Freshen up

When the workday is finally over, addressing oil buildup is crucial especially if you have oily skin. Save your money on those pricey blotter papers and try this trick that Christina Flach, CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup, swears by. “You don’t have time to wash your face, so grab a paper toilet seat cover from the bathroom stall to absorb the oil off your skin,” she said. “Press down and blot the oil gently.”

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Spritz on refreshment

To give the foundation you’ve been wearing since dawn a pick-me-up, spritz on rosewater, recommends Lynette Demar, a South Florida-based makeup artist. She suggests spraying it onto a makeup sponge and pressing into your skin to prevent foundation from getting cakey.

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Clean up smudges

If your mascara or other eye makeup has smudged throughout the day, swipe a Q-Tip with a little moisturizer or eye cream to clean the area, suggests Kevin James Bennett, a makeup artist. “They work great for quick clean-ups and unlike a makeup remover, they won’t break down the makeup you’re going to re-apply over it,” he says.

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Supercharge your lip color

Rather than re-applying your lipstick over what you’ve been wearing all day, Gold recommends starting fresh. “I keep a washcloth and travel toothbrush on hand,” she said. “I remove the day’s lip color and exfoliate my lips with the warm washcloth, then I brush my teeth, apply lip balm, and apply lip color again. A quick mouth reset really makes you feel like you’re starting new again.”

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Tame your brows

If your brows got unruly during the day, shape and mold them using a dab of unscented Chapstick along the brow line,” says Annie Tevelin, founder of skincare brand, Skin Owl. “They will not budge all night!”

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Get ready for the long haul

The finishing touch? Finishing spray. “Lightly mist your face with a makeup finishing spray to lock your look down for the rest of the night,” Bennett says. He likes The Makeup Finishing Spray from Skindinavia because it sets makeup for 12 to 16 hours, leaves no sticky residue, it’s gentle on skin, and you can touch up over it.

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