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Meet 5 Hero Pets

These pets made their owners proud.

A Bird’s Way With Words
Willie, the Quaker parrot, rescued two-year-old Hannah Kuusk of Denver, Colorado, who was choking on a piece of food.

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Horse Sense
Sunny Boy, the palomino quarter horse, protected teenager Chloe-Jeane Wendell of Vivian, Louisiana, from an out-of-control pit bull.

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The Right Dog for the Job
When Ron Gillette of Waukesha, Wisconsin, fell into a diabetic coma, his dog, Oscar, yowled until Gillette’s wife awoke and called 911.

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Fine Feline Instincts
Winnie, the 14-year-old domestic shorthaired cat, saved her New Castle, Indiana, family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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The Littlest Hero
ChiChi, the Chihuahua mix, raised a ruckus when two elderly women struggled to survive in the Atlantic Ocean, near the Outer Banks.

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