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9 Things Women Wish Men Would Stop Posting on Social Media

Some pictures and posts drive women insane. He might think it’s making him look cool or getting him one step closer to the dating the girl of his dreams, but it’s not.

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Post workout shirtless pictures

We get it! You go to the gym. Believe it or not, we can tell by looking at a photo of you with a shirt on. Only post about the gym when you lift a personal record or finally reach your goal weight. It’s nice to celebrate with you and throw you a like for your accomplishments. But try to wear clothes. The horrible fluorescent lighting at the gym isn’t helping to cover up your pettiness. Make sure to avoid these other post-gym mistakes.

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Their drinks from a night out

No one really wants to see how many drinks you had last night. It’s not that impressive that you like beer; a lot of people do. If you happened to discover a new delicious brew, keep the sharing to your friends that you also know like beer. If someone on social media is annoying you, know when to block them.

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A novel about how perfect their relationship is

Even though Instagram doesn’t have a word count limit for their captions, you should. No one goes onto the app looking to read an essay with a thesis statement and strong supporting arguments about every photo. You and your girlfriend just celebrated your 3-year anniversary? A sentence or two will suffice. Steer clear of these other things you should never post about your relationship on social media.

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Their drunken activities

If you’re planning a night out and know you want to post about it, take pictures before the drinking starts. It doesn’t look good when your shirt is soaking wet in different spots because of the alcohol that you spilled all over yourself. This is how you’ll if your social drinking has gotten too out of hand.

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A play by play of the sports game

We would have turned on the TV if we wanted to watch the game. You’re not a sports announcer; so keep your frustration about the ref’s calls to yourself.

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Pictures of their car

Did you buy a basic car and upgrade it so that the engine is super loud? Please don’t post a video of you racing down the road; everyone within a 10-mile radius can already hear you. Make sure to never post these other types of pictures on social media either.

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Complaints of any kind

This goes for men and women really. Various social media platforms don’t double as your therapist. If you’re posting about a complaint that’s funny and you think people will be able to relate to it, feel free. But if you’re upset that you didn’t pass your exam, just keep it to yourself and study harder next time.

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It’s good to feel proud of your accomplishments. But try to keep the posts to a minimum and be brief and straightforward. Practice some humility, it’s much more attractive. Here are other things you really need to stop bragging about.

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Nothing at all

Everyone these days is active on some form of social media. If someone wants to show off a picture of you it’s a little hard when the most recent one is from that fishing trip you went on five years ago.

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