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Your Car Won’t Handle The Rest of the Winter Without These 8 Fixes

Updated: Jan. 06, 2022

Winter is not over yet. Make sure that your car is ready to take on the snow, ice, and cold.



It’s important to switch your tires out for snow tires if you live in an area that experiences cold temperatures and a lot of snow. While all-wheel drive comes in handy when accelerating, it isn’t helpful when you need to break or turn. If you don’t feel that making the investment in snow tires is worth it, check the tire pressure and wear of your current tires and replace if necessary. Watch out for these 14 signs your car is about to die.



It is more difficult for a battery to function in cold weather. Perform a volt test on your battery to make sure it is strong enough to get you through the remaining months of winter. The last thing you want is to get stuck somewhere in the cold with a car that won’t start.



Antifreeze, also known as coolant, is essential for your engine in the winter. It works to keep it from freezing. Always make sure that your coolant levels are high and that there aren’t any leaks where your coolant might be draining from.



In the winter months, the days are much shorter, which means that you tend to drive in the dark more. Make sure that all of your exterior lights are in the best shape possible. If they are out, replace the bulb. Same goes if they are foggy or are yellow-looking. Also, always clear any snow or ice off of your lights before hitting the road. Find out the 30 secrets your car mechanic won’t tell you.


Windshield wipers

Car wipers only have a lifespan of about a year. In the winter your wipers need to be in tip-top shape in order to keep your windshield free of snow, ice, and other dirt that gets kicked up off the road. If you find that your wipers aren’t doing the job, try investing in newer models that have a “beam blade” style.


Full tank of gas

You should always keep your gas tank full when expecting winter weather. It can keep accumulated water from freezing inside of your fuel pump and it can also allow you to keep the car on and the heat running if you get stuck. These are the 13 ways you’re ruining your car.


Washer fluid

Similar to gas, you should also always have a high amount of washer fluid in your car. The salt and sand from the roads can get kicked up onto your windshield making it hard to see. Use your washer fluid often to keep your windshield clean and your visibility level high.


Defroster and climate control

Make sure to check that both of these systems are properly working in your vehicle. The climate control system works to keep you warm, and the defroster keeps your windows from getting foggy or icy.

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