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13 Neat Ways Milk Can Help You Look Gorgeous (And Clean Your House Too!)

If you're only drinking milk, you're missing out on these brilliant household hacks.

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Heal skin

For minor burns, apply a washcloth soaked in whole milk to the affected area for 15 minutes, or submerge the burn in a bowl of milk for the same period. Repeat this every few hours to treat the burn and reduce pain. The high fat and protein content in whole milk promotes healing, as well as cools skin to reduce pain. These are other home remedies for burns to check out.

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Fix broken china

If your china has started to show signs of wear over the years, there may be a way to repair fine cracks before tossing them. Fill a pan with either fresh or reconstituted powdered milk and submerge the plate. Bring to a boil, and then lower the heat and let it simmer for forty-five minutes. When you remove the plate, fine cracks will have disappeared.

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Polish tarnished silver

Tarnish can easily be remedied with the help of some sour milk. To make sour milk, pour a tablespoon of vinegar into a measuring cup and add enough milk to make a cup. Soak the silverware in the milk for half an hour, then rinse under warm soapy water. Finally, buff the silverware with a soft cloth to ensure it looks like new. These are other smart ways to clean silver.

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Moisturize skin

Historical beauties Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I of England were both known to indulge in the occasional milk bath. To try it, pour 1-2 cups of powdered milk into the bath as it fills and emerge with softer skin afterward. Or, give yourself a softening facial by mixing powdered milk with just enough water to create a thick paste. Apply to your face, let dry, and remove with a warm water rinse.

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Refresh scuffed shoes

To recreate the brand-new look of your favorite patent leather shoes, moisten a cloth with milk and gently wipe down your shoes. Let the milk dry and then buff with a soft washcloth, and watch scuffmarks and stains disappear.

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Get the ink out

If you accidentally swipe a pen across a garment, soak it in a basin of milk overnight and then throw it in the washing machine the next day. To strengthen this natural stain remover, add lemon juice to the mixture, and scrub the stain as it soaks. If the ink stain is on your carpet, mix milk with cornstarch to make a paste and apply to the stain. Allow the paste to dry, and vacuum up the residue later on. These are other neat household solutions for ink stains.

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Take off makeup

Milk is also effective as a gentle makeup remover because it contains naturally cleansing enzymes. Dip a cotton ball in some almond milk, and swipe it over your face to remove your makeup, softening your skin in the process. Almond milk—or a small bowl of whole milk infused with a few drops of almond oil—is preferable because it is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants that promote supple skin. However, the cleansing properties of whole milk will do just fine to remove your makeup and soothe skin.

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Make corn taste better

To make your corn on the cob taste a little sweeter, add a little milk to the water before bringing it to a boil. Throw your corn in, and enjoy the delicious taste later. Try one of these mouthwatering grilled corn on the cob recipes.

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Improve fish flavor

To give your fish a stronger flavor, defrost it by tossing it in a bowl of milk. After cooking, the fish will be rich in flavor and have a smoother, easy-to-cut texture.

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Restore hair

Because milk is rich with proteins and natural enzymes, it can be a great conditioner to help restore hair. After you shampoo, pour 1/8 of a cup of milk over your hair, then rinse. These are other natural hair masks you can try.

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Ease itchy bug bites

Create a paste to the consistency of your liking using milk, salt, and water. After applying this mixture to bites, the redness and itching should disappear. These foods defend against bug bites.

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Make it a shaving cream

Milk is a great substitute for shaving cream because its creamy base makes it a great moisturizer. This alternative is also soothing to skin, which can be helpful to areas often irritated by shaving. Create a paste of your chosen consistency using milk and water, then apply and use as needed.

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Treat tongue burn

If you’ve burnt your tongue eating spicy foods, milk can help stop the pain. The organic compound that makes foods spicy, called capsaicin, works by binding to pain receptors in your tongue. Because this compound is oil-based, the oils found in milk can dissolve the compound and alleviate burning.


Originally Published in Reader's Digest