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You Won’t Believe the AMAZING Art This Mom Is Making on Her iPhone

Warning: Ali Jardine's photo art is so gorgeous you will want to live inside it.

Courtesy Ali Jardine

Here’s a question for you…

Can fine art come from a smartphone? The work of professional Instagrammer Ali Jardine may sway your opinion. Ali is a stay-at-home mom who has managed to pivot her love of taking artful photos of her kids into a career. Don’t miss these genius uses for your cell phone camera.

Courtesy Ali Jardine

How does she do it?

A longtime painter, Ali’s artistic output shifted quickly after she received her first iPhone as a birthday present in 2010. Using her phone’s camera and a suite of editing apps (Filterstorm, Snapseed, Mextures, and Juxtaposer are her favorites), Ali now creates vivid dreamscapes that blend the boundaries of fantasy and reality, often starring one of her two children.

Courtesy Ali Jardine

The vision is all her own

“My kids, Gabe and Pippin, are usually the subjects of my images which make them very personal,” Ali writes in a blog post. “I like to tell a story, reminiscent of fairy tales, with both light and darkness present.”

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Courtesy Ali Jardine

Yes, you can make a career from Instagram

Ali’s masterful manipulations have earned her more than 500,000 Instagram followers, and commissions from companies like Dos Equis and Capital One. You can see all her art on Instagram, and enjoy a stunning sampling of her work right here.

Courtesy Ali Jardine

Check out more of Ali’s masterpieces below:

Courtesy Ali Jardine

Down the rabbit hole…

Courtesy Ali Jardine

A world beneath our world…

Courtesy Ali Jardine

Strange things happen on nights like these…

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