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10 of the Most Annoying Car Bumper Stickers

Car bumper stickers tell you a lot about the driver in front of you. They can be political, funny and even informative. However, some are downright obnoxious. Here are 10 of the most annoying car bumper stickers you may see on the road.

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T. Rex Eats Stick Figures Bumper Sticker

We’ve all seen those stick figure bumper stickers in which each figure represents a family member. This car bumper sticker of a T. rex eating a family was funny the first few times, but the joke is no longer funny. These are the 12 best used cars to buy.

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0.0 Bumper Sticker

So you’re not a runner. That’s fine! It’s unclear why someone would feel compelled to tell the world with a car bumper sticker they don’t exercise while mocking those who do. Save money with these 46 DIY car detailing tips.

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Student Driver Bumper Sticker

It’s helpful to have “student driver” stickers on cars that are actually being driven by student drivers. It alerts you and makes you a little more cautious and courteous. But when people put these bumper stickers on their own car, just to be “funny,” it really isn’t. See if you could pass this driver’s ed test before you slap student driver stickers on your car.

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Certified Wacko Bumper Sticker

This certified wacko car bumper sticker is only two words, but it sure says a lot about the person behind the wheel. Would you like to be in front or behind this car in traffic?

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I Hate People Bumper Sticker

We get it—we all have those days. But do you really hate all people? There’s a good chance any driver with this bumper sticker will cut you off, give you the finger or both while in traffic, which is why you should know these driving etiquette rules.

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Honor Student Bumper Sticker

Violence is not a joke, so you can’t help but wonder what would compel someone to put this “My kid can beat up your honor student” bumper sticker on their vehicle. Doesn’t it sound like they’re trying to pick a fight? Outsmart a car salesperson with these tips.

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Silly Boys Bumper Sticker

Girls can drive trucks. Boys can drive trucks. It’s unclear why anyone would think a type of vehicle would belong to any gender, as this “Silly Boys, Trucks are for Girls” bumper sticker implies. Learn why you need to wrap your car key fob in foil.

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I Pooped Bumper Sticker

There’s not much to say about this “I pooped today” car bumper sticker. What compels someone to stick this on their car? Never do these 10 things to your car.

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Garage Sale Stopper Bumper Sticker

Garage sales are great, but when the driver in front of you has a “This vehicle stops at all garage sales” car bumper sticker, you know you’re in for lots of stops and starts. When you see this sticker, it may be a good idea to find a different route. You can fix these 10 car problems yourself.

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Nobody Cares Bumper Sticker

While those stick figure family car bumper stickers may be so yesterday, this nobody cares bumper sticker goes a bit too far. Accidents are never funny—make sure you brush up on these safe driving tips before you hit the road next.

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