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50 Most Expensive Homes in Each State

Find out which home is the most expensive in your state. Here's a list of the most expensive homes on the market in each state.



It’s got to be good hunting land if Mossy Oak used to lease it and International Paper Company executives used to hunt it. This 4,744-acre tract in Alabama is up for sale with a price tag of $13.44 million. Included is a three-bedroom, two-bath home.

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You might be able to see Russia from your backyard at this Alaskan home on the market for $3.9 million. The 4,322-square foot, five-bedroom, 3-1/2-bath home sits on near Cook Inlet and has its own airstrip. Claim a piece of history with this former gold mine site. Just be careful if you have to do some digging around the home. These are the cheapest months of the year to visit all 50 states.

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You won’t feel squeezed in around this 25,000-square foot home in Paradise Valley, Arizona. For $19.995 million, luxuriate around an 1,800-square foot fitness facility, a private theater, or one of the seven bedrooms on the 5-acre lot.

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A two-bedroom, two-bath for $31 million?! That’s right—in Arkansas, this little home sits on 9,800 acres of prime hunting land on the border of Tennessee. There are other building sites on the island, which includes a private airstrip, a shop, and wildlife management.

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The Owlwood Estate is on the market in California. The home, designed by Robert D. Farquhar and built in 1936, is steeped in Hollywood lore. Marilyn Monroe is said to have frequented the home when Joe Schenck, the first president of United Artists and chairman of 20th Century Fox owned it. Later, Sonny Bono and Cher bought the home. Now the nine-bedroom, ten-bath home that covers 12,201 square feet is on the market for $180 million.

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Four Peaks Ranch in Snowmass provides astonishing beauty with the landscape but inside the 18,000-square foot home shines as well. It features seven bedrooms and 11 baths, an indoor/outdoor pool set about 876 acres. It’s listed for $58.5 million. Check out the most difficult-to-pronounce town in every single state.

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If one island isn’t enough, pick up eight of them in Connecticut. The Thimble Islands are up for sale for $50 million. Rogers Island is the largest of the eight with 8 acres. Set on that island is a 10-bedroom manor, pool, tennis court, greenhouse, golf course, and guest house.

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Check out Delaware’s coast with this $5.6 million beachfront home. It’s an 8,399-square foot home with six bedrooms and seven baths. There’s also a game room and gym for those gloomy days at the beach.

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Netscape co-founder Jim Clark bought this Palm Beach property for $11 million in 1999 and had it listed for $137 million in August of 2016. Now it’s on the market for $95 million for the ten-bed, 14-bath, 44,187-square foot estate. The original property dates to 1927 and Clark added an infinity pool and a beach house to it.

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In Georgia, this 11,000-square foot home built on three acres will try to fetch $17.25 million. It has five bedrooms and ten baths and is tucked away on St. Simons Island. Don’t miss these fascinating facts about America you never knew.

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As far as private getaway beaches go, this property in Hawaii is hard to beat. That privacy comes at a price though, try $70 million. But that will get you 15 acres, a white sand private beach, an active farm and 11,708-square feet in the house. It’s a six-bed, nine-bath beauty on Kauai Island.

Photo: Courtesy of Hawaii Life



The picturesque setting of this Idaho home in Sun Valley, which looks out toward Hyndman Peak with an elevation of 12,078 feet in the Sawtooth National Forest, might suggest a rustic interior. Think again: This $25 million home on 12 acres has European craftsmanship throughout and an interior design nearly as breathtaking.

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Originally built in 2008 by Automobile Insurance chairman and CEO Richard Parrillo for $65 million, this 25,000-square foot home on Burling Street in Lincoln Park is listed for just $50 million now. It’s still a record price for the Chicago area and sits on eight city lots. Inside there are six bedrooms and 11 baths while outside fountains line the landscape.

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Freeland Farms in Fort Wayne is being offered at a discounted price of $30 million. The 50-acre property had a construction cost of $35 million. The 38,000-square foot home features a state-of-the-art equestrian facility on the property and includes three additional houses. Check out these simple upgrades that can make your home look expensive.

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With 24,000-square feet on the west part of Lake Okoboji in western Iowa, this stunning home is on the market for $12.9 million. There are nine bedrooms, 16 baths, six fireplaces, and 178 feet of lakeshore.

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Open the door to elegance in this Kansas home for $8.95 million. It includes Amish-carved archways and moldings inside the Georgian-style gated estate. Check out the lily pond, limestone patio, and two-story cabana.

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Five acres, seven bedrooms, and ten full baths make this Georgian English Manor home in Kentucky a jaw dropper. The price: $7.9 million. But with it comes living on Champion Trace Golf Club, a two-story wine cellar, outdoor spa, fitness center, massage room, and a guest house.

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Set in the French Quarter, this three-story mansion has a listing price of $10.3 million and comes with two wine rooms, an expansive courtyard, and 15-car gated parking. There is also an attached two-story guest house with a sauna.

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The estate is referred to as East of Eden and has sat on the shores of the Frenchman Maine since 1910. Guy Lowell was commissioned to design the home, which is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s a 15,000-square foot home on 9 acres and has 1,100 feet of shorefront, all for sale for $15.5 million.

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A sophisticated and high class-looking home in Bethesda is listed for $15.95 million. It has 20,263 square feet, six bedrooms and 13 baths. Having to clean 13 bathrooms sounds like a raw deal because cleaning one is hard enough.

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In Chestnut Hill, $90 million will get you a 26,000-square foot house on 14 acres between Brookline Country Club and Putterham Meadows Golf Course. Indiana limestone gives the house a distinct look. (Make sure you stay far away from these home upgrades that are a huge waste of money.)

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Financier Louis G. Kaufman built this monumental home in the 1920s with pine brought in from Oregon by rail. It holds 23 bedrooms, 13 baths, and covers 30,000 square feet. It also comes with a $30 million price tag. The 60-foot stone fireplace is made of stones Kaufman’s wife hand-selected out of Lake Superior and the 18-foot mantle comes from a sunken ship. The 415-acre site is also on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Stop waiting for others on the tee and pick up this $11.9 million house west of Minneapolis. The four-bedroom, six-bath house comes with a three-hole golf course on Lake Minnetonka.

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Stretch out on 1,250 acres in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and cool off on a 55-acre lake. A unique five-bedroom, four-bath home like this includes some amazing woodwork inside like using tree trunks as supports. Throw down $8.5 million and you can explore the backwoods of Warren County.

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An equestrian’s dream that features 68 acres and a polo field, this property in St. Louis includes multiple pastures, a caretaker house and barns. The house is just a five bedroom, five bathroom setup with 4,350 square feet though.

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For $33 million, you get 1,900 acres, a 33,000-square foot house, and plenty of privacy. This home sits next to a national forest and has two guest log cabins. All told, there are 17 bedrooms and 19 baths.

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It’s a just a four-bedroom home, but it sits on 50 acres and provides a perfect view of the Elkhorn River outside of Omaha. It’s 10,572 square feet and has a mother-in-law suite, all for the price of $4.995 million.

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Overlooking Lake Tahoe, this expansive home comes with 525 feet of lakeshore and 16,232 total square feet of living space. In addition to the main residence, there is a guest house and a beach house. For $75 million, you can explore the 1,687-bottle wine cellar or the eight bedrooms and 11 baths.

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New Hampshirevia

New Hampshire

Check out a lake view like no other in New Hampshire with this property. It’s actually three lots with the main home built in 2003 along 733 feet of shoreline with a mountain view. It’s a nearly 9.5-acre estate that includes a boat house. Combined with the house next to it, the property can be bought for $19.8 million.

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New Jerseyvia

New Jersey

This 12-bedroom, 19-bath, 30,000-square foot home sprouted up in 2011 on the former property of Henry Clay Frick II, grandson of the industrialist of the same name. It has remained at or near the top of the list as New Jersey’s most expensive homes since its completion. Among the amenities: a full-court basketball court, a 4,000-bottle wine cellar, tennis court, 65-foot saltwater pool and a fitness center, all priced to move at $39.9 million.

Photo: Courtesy of Douglas Elliman Real Estate

New Mexicovia

New Mexico

Apparently you don’t get a lot of house for $14.245 million in New Mexico. But what you do get is a ton of land. This four-bedroom, two-bath home sits on 11,708 deeded acres. There’s an additional 12,734-acre forest permit. Plenty of room to hunt elk, mule deer, turkey, bear, and bobcat.

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New York

The most expensive property in the Hamptons is on the market for $175 million. The 42-acre site abuts the Atlantic Ocean and has its beginnings with the Ford family in 1960. The Fords commissioned the estate and much of the original features remain like the ceilings, chandeliers, Italian marble fireplaces, French parquet floors, and the greenhouse. The main house includes 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. There’s also a three-bedroom carriage house.

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North carolinavia

North Carolina

Beachfront property in North Carolina costs some coin and this five-bedroom, six-bath home in Bald Head Island is listed for $11.99 million. The 5,514-square foot home is just as lovely as the view it provides.

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north dakotavia

North Dakota

This place is a hunter’s paradise in Fort Ransom, North Dakota, with more than 510 acres prime for deer, pheasant, turkey, and coyote hunting. The house is five bedrooms, four baths, and is 3,100 square feet. The property includes a Quonset hut for equipment, all for $3.95 million. Check out these home improvements that will double the value of your home.

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A cobble stoned driveway, a three-level master suite with a fireplace, and three walk-in closets help make this seven-bedroom, 15-bath home in Ohio a masterpiece. It comes with a price tag of $14.25 million and sits on Barrington Golf Club in Aurora, Ohio.

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When you’re the owner of a fishing reel company, what kind of home do you ask for? Well, Zebco founder R.D. Hull asked Tulsa architect Cecil Stanfield to build him a home shaped like a fishing reel back in 1970. It’s on the market in Catoosa, Oklahoma, for $5 million. It includes a swimming pool covered by a 25-foot dome with 28 curved beams.

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Live with the Cascade Mountains in the background at R&B Ranch in Sisters, Oregon. For the tidy sum of $24 million, this 507.86-acre outdoor paradise can be had. It’s perfect for horse lovers with an indoor arena, racetrack, and equestrian barn. The property also has multiple guest houses.

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In Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, this $21 million home provides privacy with its 32 acres of space. It was completed in 2009 with a stone exterior with limestone accents. Inside there are six bedrooms and ten baths among the 16,528 square feet.

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Rhode Islandvia

Rhode Island

An iconic Atlantic coast home in Rhode Island can be had for $12.5 million. This six-bedroom home with 5,000 square feet was built in 1919 and interior designer Albert Hadley designed it. Hadley also designed homes for Jacqueline Onassis, Oscar de la Renta, and the Astors.

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South Carolinavia

South Carolina

In the market for some oceanfront property? Then check out this nine-bedroom, nine-bath, 10,500-square foot home in Johns Island, South Carolina. Just imagine the sunsets at this home, which is listed for $22 million.

Photo: Courtesy of Zillow

South Dakotavia

South Dakota

Scout out the Missouri River from your backyard in this South Dakota luxury home. It’s listed for $4.45 million and sits on 3.35 acres in Jefferson, South Dakota. You’ll want to see these cheap decorating ideas to make your home look expensive.

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The home featured in the series Nashville has hit the market again and this time it’s available for $17.9 million. The home where Connie Britton’s character Rayna Jaymes lived, rests on 6 acres and was built in 1999. It’s 20,533 square feet with a knockout spiral staircase and six bedrooms.

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In Dallas, this ten-bedroom, 17-bath sprawling estate is listed for $48.9 million, and the sale is pending. For a 28,996-square foot home, it features all the elegance you might expect.

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In Utah, Riverbend Ranch butts up to the Webber River, making it so it’s right outside your backdoor. The 16,800-square foot home is listed for a cool $30 million and includes 1,918 acres. It even has a helipad.

Photo: Courtesy of Luxury Retreats



Farms can be architecturally interesting, too, as shown by this property in Woodstock, Vermont, called Woodstock Farm. Set on 200 acres in the country, architect Rick Joy designed the stone house and barn in 2010 and went on to win Architectural Record’s Record House of the Year. For $9.25 million, this 3,890-square foot, nine-bedroom beauty can be yours. Check out the craziest world records set in every state.

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Travel back in time with North Wales, a plantation that dates to 1776 in Warrenton, Virginia. The stone manor, Georgian Revival-style stone carriage house doubles as an extensive farm and equestrian facility with its 1,287-acre historic district. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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This home in Medina, Washington, is hitting the market for the first time in 50 years and comes with a price tag of $28 million. The view on Mount Rainier is priceless and the serenity of 150 feet of waterfront is astonishing. Aside from the lakefront, the property contains a breathtaking garden with herringbone pathways.

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West Virginiavia

West Virginia

This mountaintop home is listed for $13 million outside of Charleston, West Virginia, and includes eight bedrooms, 14 baths, and 19,000 square feet. Built in 2000, it also features an extensive wine cellar, tennis court, and fitness center. Find out which states are the happiest in America.

Photo: Courtesy of Todd F. Williams



On Lake Geneva in Wisconsin sits the former Wrigley Estate, which is known as Hillcroft. The property covers nearly 20 acres, five bedrooms, seven full baths, two half baths, and 11,000 square feet.

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For $39.9 million, this 72-acre resort in western Wyoming will provide you with seclusion you couldn’t imagine. Fish Creek, Cheyenne Creek, and Snake River all pass through the property, which also features a 16,000-square foot home, a 2,000-square foot guest home, all within view of the Grand Teton. Don’t miss these 50 other fascinating facts about the 50 states.

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