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15 Must-Have Gifts for Book Lovers

Calling all book lovers and the people who love them! These gifts will make the bookworms in your life swoon.

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Beyond books

There are people who enjoy reading—and then there are people who are obsessed with it. They can’t wait to get home, curl up with their latest literary love, ignore the rest of the world until they’re through…and start all over again with a new book. If this sounds like someone you know, you’re in the right place. These are the most clever, funny, punny, and all-around awesome gifts to give even the most discerning book lovers in your life.

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Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers


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Word games make great gifts for book lovers, and here’s a surefire party hit for word nerds. Punderdome is the perfect gift for people who need any excuse to flaunt their punny bone. This game originated in a Brooklyn bar, so now you’ll have that intellectual hipster spirit in your living room. How do you play? You have to come up with the best pun before the clock runs out. Pun and games for the whole family! If you’ve got a board-game lover on your list, here are the gifts that’ll take top prize.

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Maple Book Cheese Boards


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These gorgeous cheese boards are functional works of art. Shaped like slender editions with titles on the spine, they are just the type of gift to sweep a book lover right off her feet. Titles include: Food for Thought, The Art of Charcuterie, and the Ernest Hemingway memoir A Moveable Feast, about his life in Paris that includes dish on the literati. Just add wine and you’re all set for book club. Cheers! For more food- and drink-related ideas, check out these 9 cookbooks for anyone who loves books.

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The Book Lover’s Journal


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If you know a voracious reader who speeds through the titles on the nightstand, this journal makes the perfect gift. Bibliophiles can keep track of the books they’ve read and write down their thoughts and impressions while creating their own volume about a well-read life. There are also pages for books to read in the future, a “pages turned” log, and a checklist of the world’s greatest books. Speaking of which, here are the 16 books to read if you’re a genuine book lover.

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Amber Reading Light


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If there’s a gift recipient on your list who loves to stay up all night turning the pages, then give them the perfect book light. Booklights make foolproof gifts for book lovers. This one from LoveReading comes with an amber hue to alleviate eye strain in the wee hours. It also has a bendable neck and a red heart logo on the easy-to-use clip.

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Crystal Ball Bookends


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The great thing about books, aside from reading them, is how beautiful they look when displayed. These artsy, handcrafted bookends from Pier 1 are made of metal in striking geometric shapes that each hold a genuine crystal ball. They’re perfect accessories for an arrangement of a book lover’s favorite volumes.

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Little Women Infinity Scarf


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“Let us be elegant or die!” writes Louisa May Alcott as sisters Meg and Jo March get ready for the dance in the classic Little Women. Quotes from the novel adorn this comfortable scarf to be read, worn, and adored by book lovers and logophiles. If you need more of Jo March’s inspiration, here she is in the company of the strongest female literary characters of all time.

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Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany


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This vibrantly illustrated book makes the ideal gift for book lovers, wordsmiths, artists, and anyone who loves life in general. Author Jane Mount features book trivia and facts and fancies, as well as gorgeous illustrations of books, while capturing their nature and character. Here are 20 coffee table books that also make perfect gifts.

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Jane Austen Candle


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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen lovers adore beautiful romance. This sweetly packaged candle comes with a bookplate-style label featuring the brilliant author’s signature. The candle is scented with English garden favorites like tuberose and gardenia, with a few hints of a marriage proposal from Mr. Darcy.

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Personal Library Kit


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Gifts for book lovers should have an air of bookish charm and whimsy. So, when a person on your gift list has a book collection that rivals a small (or large!) library, here’s the ideal gift to help them keep track of their stockpile. This kit comes with old-fashioned check-out cards and stamps just like they used to have in libraries. Place the library pocket in the front cover, stamp the return card, and loan your book—to yourself or others! While it’s great to give away books, it’s not the only thing you can do with them. Here are 15 brilliant ways to repurpose old volumes.

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Novel Teas with Literary Quotes


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If you know someone whose favorite pastime is curling up with a cup of tea and a good book, then look no further. These English Breakfast tea bags each come with a literary quote by such authors as Rita Mae Brown, Louisa May Alcott, Alice Hoffman, and others. If you’re in the mood for more word-inspired delights, here are the 15 most romantic quotes from books.

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Bookworm Library-Card Socks


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These socks, which feature a print that resembles the library-card check-out stamps of yesteryear, are ideal for librarians, bibliophiles, nostalgia addicts, style mavens, and anyone else with a zest for books and fashion. Socks make great gifts for book lovers, especially when they have wordsmith flair. And speaking of libraries, you’ll definitely want to see the most impressive and beautiful library in every state.

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Book Club Sweatshirt


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Rock your vibe, and wear it proud! Book lovers will adore this cozy, comfy pullover that makes a statement that’s both literary and stylish. Brevity is the soul of wit—and some fashion—after all! This unisex sweatshirt comes in serious colors for bookish types, such as basic black and shades of blue and gray. If you’re not in a book club already, here’s a guide for starting one of your own.

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Build Your Own Christmas Movie Romance


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Know someone who loved to read “Choose Your Own Adventure” books as a child? Does that same person now love Christmas TV movies in a guilty-pleasure sort of way? Then you’ve found a spot-on (and supremely hilarious) gift. Author Riane Konc chose this format so that readers can create their ideal love story with subplots like Businesslady moves to a small town and learns a lesson! Someone is secretly a prince! Single dad has to bake cookies to save Christmas! And, well, you get the idea. If you can’t get enough holiday romance, here are the 20 best Hallmark Christmas movies to watch in front of a cozy fire while eating bonbons with the hunk-next-door or all alone—your choice!

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Antiqued Brass Reading Woman Figurine


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Made in India, this intriguing figure makes the perfect gift for someone who loves to read. At just over three inches high, she’ll look perfect on a desk or bookshelf, or as a holder for small items of jewelry. Consider this accent for the book lover who’s also a world traveler or who has shelves filled with books as well as charming objects.

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Bamboo Bath Tray


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A bubble bath and a good book. What more could a book lover possibly want? This sleek bamboo tray adjusts to extend across tubs, and it has a place to rest a book for the ultimate relaxation session. There’s even a secure slot for a wine glass. This tray really thought of everything! For more shopping inspiration, check out the ultimate gift guide for everyone on your list.

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