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Goodbye, TV: 5 Things Your Tablet Is Poised to Replace

You can read, watch and do close to anything on this one handy gadget -- and pretty soon, it could take over your life. Here are five things that may get tossed aside in favor of the tablet.

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The TV Set

ABC and FOX recently announced that they are working on tablet apps that will allow them to become the first big American networks to livestream shows. So get ready to watch the tube anywhere — even while standing in line at Starbucks.  

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The Bible

Churchgoers are opting to leave the paper Bible at home and power up their tablets instead. The pool of simple-to-navigate Bible apps is growing, and many people find it easier to read the Good Book on a tablet rather than on a printed page. And some houses of worship are taking it even further: St. Johns Church in England uses tablets to stream hymns and prayers for parishioners.

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Minimum-Wage Workers

With minimum wages potentially rising, small-business owners may find it cheaper to allow customers to use self-service tablets than interact with real-live employees. According to the Wall Street Journal, tablet price drops and affordable retailer apps could result in “May I take your order?” giving way to “Can you tap in your order?”


The Babysitter

More and more parents are turning to the tablet to keep kids under control. One study found that 41% of tablet-owning moms and dads pass the device to their little ones when they’re in a restaurant, for example. As one parent told the New York Times, “I don’t want to give them the iPads at the dinner table, but if it keeps them occupied for an hour so we can eat in peace….I often just hand it over.”


Device-Free Takeoffs

According to the FAA will allow passengers to use tablets during take off. Reportedly there is no scientific proof that devices cause interference with the plane’s electronic controls — and American Airline pilots are already using iPads throughout flights to review manuals.

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